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Webinar Brexit Means Brexit - But What Will it Mean for Law Firms? - On-Demand Webinar


Whatever Brexit may turn out to mean, certainty is likely to be a moving target for some time. Scenario planning was developed to deal with such uncertainty and can help law firms to develop flexible strategic plans capable of responding more quickly to changing circumstances and to take advantage of the opportunities likely to be created.

This 1 hour webinar is designed specifically to assist law firms reduce the uncertainty by identifying a variety of core scenarios to enable them to focus on a range of their key issues, opportunities and risks, to capture the different outcomes from each scenario and provide a basis for developing flexible plans.

The topics to be covered include:

  • How to identify key issues and develop core scenarios;
  • Reviewing the potential impact of each scenario on key business areas and the risks and opportunities that may emerge and the key capabilities needed for each scenario; ;
  • Understanding the impact on clients, markets and sectors and where will clients need support and advice;
  • Learning how to develop a basis for strategic plans which provide for flexibility, are ready to respond to changing developments and can be implemented more quickly.
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