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Webinar Whistleblowing: How far does protection extend? Webinar (On-demand)


Whistleblowing is an important head of claim in the employment tribunals for a number of reasons. Protection from dismissal or detriment is available from the first day of employment; dismissal for making a protected disclosure is automatically unfair; and compensation is potentially unlimited.

There have been several recent important appellate decisions on the law relating to protected disclosures. This webinar examines the various issues which have arisen in those cases and puts them in the context of the statutory provisions. Among the issues to be dealt with are:

  • Does the person responsible for the dismissal or detriment need to have personal knowledge of the protected disclosure to incur liability? Royal Mail Ltd v Jhuti: Court of Appeal (reversing the EAT)
  • What constitutes “reasonable belief” that a disclosure is in the public interest? Chesterton v Nurmohammed in the Court of Appeal; and Parsons v Airplus International
  • Is there a valid distinction between (protected) information and (unprotected) allegations?
  • What are the differences between a claim for unfair dismissal for whistleblowing and a claim for detriment?
  • What is the test for compensation for detriment, and how should compensation be determined? Wilsons Solicitors v Roberts
  • Does protection end when employment is terminated? Onyango v Adrian Berkeley t/a Berkeley Solicitors

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