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Webinar Upskirting and Stalking Protection Orders Webinar (Pre-Order)


This webinar is aimed at both prosecutors and defence advocates, police station representatives and those who prosecute on behalf of the police.




An amendment to the Sexual Offences Act, in force on 12 April 2019, now criminalises what is known as ‘upskirting’ – the practice of non-consensual covert filming or photography beneath a person’s clothing. It creates an either-way offence with potential notification as a sex offender on conviction.


This webinar will cover:


  • The actus reus and mens rea of the offence
  • Allocation
  • Victimless prosecutions
  • Defences
  • Penalties and orders on conviction


The second part of the webinar examines changes to stalking legislation.


Stalking Protection Orders


Created by the Stalking Protection Act 2019, the Act will introduce new civil preventative orders, obtained via the Magistrates’ Court. These orders do not depend on conviction and join the raft of preventative orders already available to the police and others.


The section of the webinar will cover:


  • Who can apply and on what grounds?
  • The power to make an order, its duration, terms and conditions
  • Variation, discharge, revocation
  • Interim applications
  • Appeals
  • Sexual offences notification requirements
  • Procedure - CPR 31, hearsay and other matters
  • Human Rights implications


The webinar comes with a problem question to work through to develop your knowledge.

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1 hours


Olwen DaviesDetails

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Thu 27 Jun 2019


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