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Webinar UK Drone Laws 2019 – Everything you need to know Webinar (Pre-Order)


Drones (commonly referred to as small unmanned aircraft (SUA), have rapidly increased in popularity in the UK over the years. Previously niche gadgets are now far more accessible, cheaper and more commercially available.  The rise in the production and technology of drones has made them a ‘must have’ gadget.  However, the increase of ownership and usage of the drones has increased the number of dangerous incidents, highlighted recently with the disruptions at Gatwick airport. Drones present a real hazard to manned aircrafts. The first drone laws were introduced by the Air Navigation Order (ANO) 2009. The law did not evolve until 2016 when the Department for Transport recognised the need to further develop the UK laws to reflect the increase in usage and the ongoing risk to public safety when not used compliantly.  The UK laws are developing and evolving increasing the number of criminal offences that are likely to be investigated and prosecuted (heightened by the new police powers to investigate offences and issue fixed penalty notices (FPNs). 

This webinar will summarise the previous, existing and forthcoming laws and penalties for drone offences, in particular it will deal with the following:

  • The past and present legislation affecting the use of drones:

    • Air Navigation Order 2016
    • Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2018
    • Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2019


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