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Webinar Trade Unions - The Employer's Perspective Webinar (On Demand)


According to Unite, anyone that goes to work and who cares about their pay and conditions, holiday entitlement, pensions, equal rights, safety and training needs a trade union. There won’t be many in that category who do not and with the benefits that a trade union can offer to workers, it’s no surprise that there were 6.5 million employees who were trade union members during 2015 according to the National Statistics Bulletin published in May 2016.

As a business owner and employer you need to know how to deal with union activity in the workplace.

Do you know how you would handle an employee who insisted on withdrawing his/her labour?

Do you know what constitutes a properly organised and legal strike and how to challenge one that wasn’t?

Do you know how your contractual obligations might be affected by any union activity?

Do you know how you might defend a claim brought against you on the basis of trade union rights?

This webinar will examine potential union activity from the employer’s perspective and how it might affect your business and how to avoid legal action against you.

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