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Webinar The Five Essentials for Workable Break Options - On-Demand Webinar


Commercial occupiers are often likely to value flexibility as regards rental commitments, and as a consequence may seek to include break options in new leases. That trend is only likely to be strengthened by the Brexit vote, and the greater uncertainty over the prospects for the UK economy to which it has led. Break options in leases are therefore a fact of life, and commercial practitioners, whether from a contentious or non-contentious background, need to understand the pitfalls and practicalities of what is a tricky and technical area of law. This webinar considers the practical and legal issues, and the implications for those drafting and negotiating break clauses, in five key areas: deadlines for service of notice, practicalities of effecting service, apportionment of rent, conditions upon exercise of the break, and the requirements as regards the form and content of the notice. Get these five right, and many of the problems associated with exercising break options fall away.

The webinar will include:

  • What conditions for exercise of the break should a tenant resist?
  • The last-day rent review trap
  • Apportionment of rent, or refund of overpayment?
  • Safeguarding personal break options
  • Pros and cons of prescribing forms of notice
  • Recovery of possession
  • Issues with joint parties
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Available until: Thu 17 Oct 2019



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