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Webinar The Annual General Meeting and Other Shareholder Meetings Webinar (On-Demand)


The annual general meeting (AGM) has traditionally been the key forum in which a company’s shareholders (particularly retail shareholders) can meet with its directors and establish a dialogue with them. The legal requirement for listed and quoted companies to hold an annual general meeting ensures that it remains an important part of many companies’ calendars; and the need for all companies to hold shareholder meetings from time to time emphasises the importance of general meetings in shareholder relationships.

This webinar will cover practical aspects concerning the convening, holding and conduct of meetings, which will be considered in the context of the development of statutory and common law rules, and the impact which earlier EU regulation has had on these aspects. The growth of shareholder activism and possible limits to its extent will also be discussed, along with the increased engagement of proxy agents in companies’ affairs, the nature of stewardship and efforts made to encourage investor engagement.

The webinar looks at recent developments in the UK and EU which may further extend the importance of general meetings, particularly perhaps in some private companies.

The webinar will cover:

  • Basic rules about shareholder meetings:
  • * Notices and their contents
  • * Venue
  • * Beneficial owners, proxies and corporate representatives
  • * Conduct of the meeting and the chairman’s role
  • * Voting, and the reporting of results
  • The business of the AGM and other shareholder meetings
  • Shareholder requisitions (of meetings, resolutions and matters for discussion); shareholder activism, institutional attitudes and proxy agents
  • The UK Corporate Governance and Stewardship Codes
  • The implementation in the UK of the EU Shareholder Rights Directives of 2007 and 2016; and the possible impact of the UK Government’s 2016 Green Paper and other proposals for corporate legal and governance reform in the UK
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1 hours


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