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Webinar School Admissions Appeals - What to do? - On-Demand Webinar


“40% of Pupils miss out on their first choice school….Forty-six per cent of schools in England and two-thirds of schools in Greater London are oversubscribed” ( Ed Rushton founder of “Find a School” Website) 2014).

Most of us will appreciate what a stressful time this is for parents (and children) and often they turn to lawyers for help. This course will equip you with the tools you need to make a challenge to get a child the school of their choice.

This course will cover the following specific issues:

  • The legal Framework
  • Admissions Authorities,
  • Admissions Policies and Arrangements
  • Parental Preference
  • Appeals Process System
  • Practical guidance and procedure

Aims and objectives

This webinar will provide a comprehensive outline of the legal framework and the practice and procedure governing School Admissions Appeals for Primary and Secondary aged pupils. There will be practical guidance as to how to prepare an appeal against a decision to decline a school place.

Learning outcomes

Delegates will have:

  • A clear understanding of the Statutory Framework Governing school Appeals
  • Understand the function and Standing of the Statutory Codes
  • The necessary knowledge to enable them to challenge a schools admission decision
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