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Webinar Review Sites and Other Online Tools: Should Your Firm Embrace Them? Webinar (On-Demand)


The world is changing. With the increased availability of the internet and smartphones, information is available everywhere and quickly. A favourite source of information is reviews of products and services. Sites like Trust Pilot, Amazon and TripAdvisor provide a popular platform for users to share their opinions, but they are not without controversy. There has been much in the media about ‘fake reviews’ and the one-sided nature of the reviews. So far, with the exception of the infamous ‘Solicitors from Hell’ website, law firms have generally escaped such public review, but is this a missed opportunity to both market services and deal with complaints in a positive way?

In this highly topical, forward looking webinar, our expert, Marc Duke, looks at the interplay between review sites, marketing, complaints handling and general ‘client care’ in a legal context. Marc will examine the consequences of negative reviews and how client confidentiality may restrict your responses, but also how tools like comparison sites, message boards etc. can work in your favour and differentiate you from the competition.

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Available until: Thu 02 Apr 2020



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