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Webinar Reasonable Adjustments - What's New? - On-Demand Webinar


Quite often claims for disability discrimination relate to a failure to make reasonable adjustments. This webinar will bring you up to date with recent important appellate cases.

What triggers the duty?

  • Carreras v United First Partners Research – Is an expectation sufficient for a pcp?
  • Chawla v Hewlett Packard Ltd

    – Did cutting off email mean the employer had to make reasonable adjustments?

What knowledge of the employee’s disability will trigger the duty?

  • Gallop v Newport City Council on imputed knowledge from Occupational Health, a decision in apparent conflict with EHRC Code of Practice

What are ‘reasonable adjustments’?

  • G4S Cash Solutions v Powell - continuing to pay the same salary?
  • Lamb v The Business Academy Bexley - what about the proper conduct and outcome of a grievance procedure?
  • Racklan v NHS Professionals Ltd - reasonable adjustments required in legal proceedings
  • General Dynamics Information Technology v Carrenze – disregarding a final written warning?

What are ‘normal day to day activities’?

  • Banascyk v Booker
  • Sobhi v Metropolitan Police Commissioner
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