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Webinar Presenting Applications to the Court: Part Two Webinar (On-Demand)


This webinar will enable civil litigation lawyers to understand the fundamental skills required for the preparation and presentation of interim applications in relation to summary judgment, strike out and interim payments. The webinar will examine the purpose of, grounds, procedure, evidence required and the court’s powers in determining any such application.

We will consider when and how to make an interim application. This will include how to formulate and present an interim application and the supporting evidence required. This will include how to complete the N244 application, supporting witness evidence and draft orders and the cost orders that may be made.

The relevant Civil Procedure Rules, supplemental practice directions and fundamental case law guidance will be considered together with practical tips in how to pursue these applications.

It will include:

Summary judgment and strike out

  • Bringing litigation to an end by way of applications for summary judgment and/or strike out
  • The procedure under CPR 24.4 for summary judgment
  • Consideration of the grounds under Rule 3.4 and Rule 24 of the CPR
  • The areas of overlap and differences between applications to strike out and summary judgment
  • The orders available to the court
  • How to respond to summary judgment or strike out applications
  • How to set aside a summary judgment or strike out
  • Article 6 of the ECHR considerations


Interim payments

  • Interim remedies by way of interim payments under Rule 25 of the CPR
  • The procedure under CPR 25.6 and the relevant practice direction
  • The grounds and conditions that need to be satisfied and the evidence in support as required by Rule 25 of the CPR and the supplemental practice directions
  • The potential interaction between summary judgment and interim payments
  • Determining the amount of interim payment
  • The approach that the court should adopt when considering interim payment applications where a periodical payment order may be required

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Available until: Wed 18 Dec 2019



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