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Webinar Preparing and Challenging Schedules of Loss Webinar (On-Demand)


This webinar highlights key practice points when preparing and challenging schedules of loss.

The webinar will begin with a step-by-step guide to preparing a schedule of loss, looking at both form and content. After considering the rules relating to when schedules must be provided, we will look at how such a schedule should be written and how to calculate losses under each heading. An overview will be provided of how damages should be calculated for common types of loss.

We will then consider how to challenge a schedule of loss provided by the other side. This section will include discussion of challenging loss on the grounds that: it is not a type recognised by law; it is purely hypothetical; it is prohibited on the grounds of legality or public policy; the amount claimed is too high; or there is a lack of evidence.

During the webinar these principles will be demonstrated in practice through a selection of recent decisions.

It will include:

  • How to structure a schedule of loss
  • How to identify and calculate special damages
  • How to identify and calculate general damages
  • Suggested checklist for a schedule of loss
  • How to critically assess a schedule of loss
  • Grounds on which a schedule of loss may be challenged
  • How to structure and write a counter-schedule of loss

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1 hours


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