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Webinar Litigating Against Directors: Lifting the Veil Webinar (On-Demand)


This webinar is aimed at the practitioner representing an unsecured/or only partially secured creditor, who is seeking to make a recovery against director/s of an insolvent company which has no assets or whose assets are fully secured. It assumes no detailed knowledge of insolvency procedures. It will focus on claims against directors (and other third parties), discusses the definition of a director, and how best to prepare for a successful claim. This webinar is a highly-practical litigator’s focus on recoveries – can you afford to overlook it?

  • Wasted litigation?
  • The potential actions against directors and other officers of the company
  • How to avoid enforcement action as a director of a failing company
  • Definitions of “director”. What about “shadow” directors?
  • Limitation of actions
  • Fictitious debentures/security aimed to reduce recoveries for creditors
  • Insolvency Practice Directions
  • Disqualification and the Company Directors Disqualification Act
  • The impact of disqualification orders and undertakings
  • Dealing with the Disqualification Unit
  • The tariffs and the ‘Sevenoaks‘ case

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Available until: Sat 23 Nov 2019



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