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Webinar Land Registry: 50 Traps (Web Course)


This web course explores 50 problem areas in land registration and is suitable for both commercial and residential transactional property lawyers. The course is in three parts, each of which includes a video, materials to download and a knowledge check quiz. A certificate of completion can be downloaded once all quizzes have been passed.

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Part One

  • Problems with land registration
  • Leasehold titles
  • Boundaries
  • Plans
  • Notices
  • Agreed notices
  • Unilateral notices
  • Restrictions
  • Disapplying Restrictions
  • Section 77 of the Land Registration Act 2002
  • Addresses for service
  • Cautions against first registration
  • Prescribed clause leases
  • Problem areas with prescribed clause leases
  • Prescribed clause leases and easements
  • Amendments to the lease or prescribed clause lease format

Part Two

  • Rectification
  • Indemnity
  • Registration of charges
  • Approved forms of charge
  • Applications to register charges
  • Applications relating to registered charges
  • Deeds of variation of a registered charge
  • Disclosable interests
  • Index map search (SIM)
  • Voluntary registration
  • The Civil Partnership Act 2004
  • Co-ownership
  • Official copies of the Register
  • Land Registry searches
  • Execution of deeds and documents
  • Overriding interests

Part Three

  • Lost or missing title deeds
  • Unknown restrictive covenants
  • Land registration identification rules
  • Use of forms
  • Early completion
  • Disclosable interests
  • Easements established by prescriptive use
  • Easements contained in a non-registerable lease
  • Legal easements
  • Discharging charges
  • Land Registry Practice Guides and information
  • SDLT and registration
  • First registration of unregistered leases
  • The Land Registration Amendment Rules 2008
  • Land Registry and fraud
  • Adverse possession
  • Long leases
  • Exempt information

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3 hours


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