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Webinar Introduction to Partnership Law Webinar (On-Demand)


The partnership has been recognised as a form of business relationship since very early times, with some origins in Roman law. Some of English law on partnerships (differing from Scottish law in this area) also dates back some way, to the enactment of the Partnership Act in 1890 which sets out the framework for “general” partnerships - in which partners share on an unlimited basis in their partnership liabilities.

Statutory developments since then have been driven by commercial pressures for more sophisticated vehicles:

  • The Limited Partnership Act of 1907, permitting investment in a partnership by “sleeping” partners enjoying limited liability but taking no further part in the partnership’s business, and
  • The Limited Liability Partnerships Act of 2001, enabling the creation of partnerships offering some of the benefits of “full” incorporation and limitations on individual partners’ liability.

While the future of limited partnerships has been in some doubt, general partnerships remain popular and limited liability partnerships have become the preferred structure for many professional firms and in parts of the financial services sector.

Case law concerning partnerships tends to revolve around personal disputes and complex factual situations.

This webinar considers:

  • The statutory provisions concerning each of the three forms of partnership established in English law
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each form of partnership (including both commercial and tax considerations)
  • Leading and recent cases in this area of the law

This webinar will be of interest and benefit to all lawyers engaged in providing advice to partnerships and/or to individual partners, or in related areas of company and commercial law, company secretaries and other professionals with an interest in this field.

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