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Webinar How to Fire a Senior Executive Without Consequences Webinar (On-Demand)


In an ideal world all senior executive appointments would always be successful however in reality from time to time any business may need to part company with a senior executive for a variety of reasons. Terminating a senior executive however is rarely straightforward! Not only are senior executives paid a lot, but their salaries often are the least complicated part of their remuneration packages. Managing areas of under performance is also rarely an option, so often decisions need to be implemented at speed. Finally because they are paid well, they are more likely to resort to legal action. This webinar will guide you in how to manage senior executive severances and, hopefully, avoid litigation

This webinar will:

  • Explore the differences between wrongful and unfair dismissal, including the relevant limitation periods;
  • Look at the applicability of “short service” claims linked to discrimination, whistleblowing and applications for interim relief;
  • The do’s don’ts and why’s of settlement agreements;
  • Consider those tricky areas of restrictive covenants, bonuses and ongoing consultancy agreements, references and announcements; and
  • The inevitable tax issues!


Delegates attending this webinar will feel confident in making those tough decisions in terminating the contracts of senior executives and confident about how to deal with the issues that are very likely to arise.

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1 hours


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Available until: Thu 30 Jan 2020



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