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Webinar Form E - Getting it Right - On-Demand Webinar


The Form E is the foundation of the family finance case. When it comes to issues at trial, the contents of the Form E can be critical. Whether the case is fully litigated, settled part way through a court process or dealt with in the context of voluntary disclosure, getting the From E right is important.

This training will tackle fundamental issues about presenting the case in the preparation of the Form E including:

  • Dealing with property ownership and disputed equity shares
  • Valuation of assets including business interests
  • Treatment of children’s assets and third party interests
  • The issue of cohabitation and new partner’s assets
  • The dangers of double counting, bank balances, debts, money owed
  • Pensions and inheritance
  • The challenge of income and capital needs
  • How to deal with the narrative sections, standard of living, allegations of behaviour
  • Orders sought. How to handle pitching the case and settlement issues
  • Documentation required
  • Practical matters – statement of truth, signatures etc
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Available until: Wed 22 Jan 2020



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