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Webinar Flood Risk for Property Clients - What and How to Advise - On-Demand Webinar


It is very important that your clients know whether their property is likely to flood, ideally before they buy it or lease it. Actual flooding causes serious damage and disruption, but the risk of flooding can have equally unpleasant consequences: higher insurance costs, reduced property value and lenders who offer less funding. Flood Re only makes flood insurance available and affordable to a restricted range of residential properties, but do you know which ones? The Law Society advice is always to discuss flood risk with your client, and to carry out further investigations where appropriate. RICS members are now advised to find out about the property’s flood risk profile and factor that into their valuation. The National Flood Resilience Review (September 2016) may have resulted in more money for temporary flood defences, but it also highlighted how important it is for property owners to know their flood risk and take action, where they can, to reduce it.

This webinar will cover:

  • Which types of desktop flood search are worth having and why
  • Who a client should speak to if the desktop search discloses an elevated flood risk
  • What property level resilience work might be helpful
  • How many properties are unable to capture the benefits of Flood Re
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1 hours


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