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Webinar Fee Recovery for Solicitors and Barristers Webinar (On-demand)


This webinar is designed for those involved in the management and collection of fees for law firms and barristers’ chambers. It will, therefore, be of considerable interest to a broad spectrum of legal staff from all disciplines and finance staff. It will also be of relevance to managing partners and finance officers in Chambers who are concerned at lock up in a business. The conversion of work in progress into bills delivered and then cash is crucial to all legal practices and many in this sector struggle in this area. This discipline should be at the forefront of all lawyers’ minds when they undertake any work for a client, whether the relationship is new or established to the firm and whether a personal or corporate client. For Counsel’s chambers, similar questions need to be asked whether they are dealing with an established firm of solicitors or through a new professional relationship that is being built.

This webinar looks at what can be done to avoid bad debts but then focuses on recovery strategies and legal solutions when clients do default. It includes advice on action to be taken when a client becomes insolvent. It is of a very practical nature and give some tips and tactics on maximising recoveries and minimising losses.

The webinar covers:

• Terms of Engagement and the client relationship: how important are these factors?

• Regulatory Issues: how does the SRA or the Legal Ombudsman fit into this area?

• What about barristers’ fees - any special considerations there?

• An unpaid lawyer’s bill: some special considerations. Can I sue immediately on default?

• Recovering legal fees through the courts: some do’s and don’ts.

• Maximising the legal claim – what extra sums may be available to compensate being kept out of the money?

• Insolvency of a client – is that the end for recovery of fees?

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Available until: Thu 22 Aug 2019



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