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Webinar Essential Skills for Trainees: A Toolkit for Success (Web Course)


This web course provides ‘how to’ preparation guidance on the key skills needed to ensure success in the early stages of your career in the law. This course will be beneficial to paralegals, trainees, newly qualified and anyone else new to/returning to the law.

Fulfil your career development needs with this course, to give yourself the confidence to perform better in your role. If you feel that most of your training has been on the technical side and you would benefit from brushing up on your personal skills, then this is the course for you.

The course includes seven videos on different key skills. You can dip in and out of the web course as often and as frequently as you would like, allowing for flexibility in training.

For law firm and training supervisors, this will save valuable time on training new members of the team and enable team members to be more effective more quickly.

Lucinda Dore, a qualified Solicitor and Principal Solicitor of her own practice, guides you through the essential skills including:

  • Working effectively with your supervisor
  • Building your professional profile
  • Attending court for the first time
  • Developing your commercial awareness
  • Client care and communication skills

    • Letter writing
    • Telephone etiquette

  • Managing your time


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3 hours


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Available until: Thu 30 Apr 2020



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