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Webinar Conflict and Confidentiality Conundrums - On- demand Webinar


Understanding duties owed to clients in terms of conflicts of interests and confidentiality outcomes is at the heart of professional conduct. Getting these duties wrong creates many risks for the individual and the firm. However, this is an area of regulation where it is all too easy to misunderstand the conduct requirements and to confuse them with the overlapping legal issues and the commercial nature of some decisions which are made by firms. This webinar will explain the differences with a reminder of the conduct duties and include examples of the many misconceptions which can arise.

What you will learn:

  • Conflicts of interests - what does the SRA Code say
  • High risk scenarios
  • Conflict of interest myths
  • The difference between conflicts of interest and confidentiality duties
  • What does the SRA expect in terms of confidentiality
  • Disclosure duties - what’s required and where do difficulties lie
  • Information barriers and other high risk activities
  • Confidentiality myths
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1 hours


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