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Webinar Competencies and Appraisals - On-Demand Webinar


Now that there is a new approach to CPD, it is more important than ever that you can engage your professional team members with their own development. The SRA competency guidelines are a valuable structure that you can use, as part of your appraisal processes, to help you do this.

This webinar will help you to make the maximum use of your appraisal process including using the SRA competency guidelines to assist you. You will learn how to make the most of the new SRA competency based approach to professional development by using it as a tool in your appraisal process, as well as having the chance to consider how to bring your appraisal conversations to life.

Whether or not you have an existing competency framework, the webinar will help you to use a more example based approach to your appraisal conversations. If you do have an existing competency framework, you will be able to consider how to enrich the conversations using that framework.

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1 hours


Elizabeth McManusDetails

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Available until: Thu 02 Apr 2020



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