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Webinar Commercial Property Contracts: What Should the Contract Provide? Part 1 - Webinar (On-Demand)


Any contract for the sale of land has to be fit for purpose. Every property and client is totally different so the contract should reflect this. As well as covering the recently updated Standard Commercial Property Conditions, this webinar will highlight the key questions to ask your clients when drafting and negotiating contracts. The first of 2 webinars will cover:

  • p>* Who should insure between exchange and completion?

  • p>* What needs to be included to cover VAT and TOGC's?

  • p>* How should the contract deal with apportionments?

  • p>* What are the possible options to cover arrears?

  • p>* What issues arise with leasehold properties - when is consent given and what exactly can the buyer be required to do?

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Available until: Wed 02 Oct 2019



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