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Webinar Caveat Emptor and the Importance of the Survey - 2018 Update Webinar (On-demand)


Most conveyancers will advise a buyer client to have a survey carried out due to the principle of ‘caveat emptor’. But many buyers choose to ignore this advice so it is vital for conveyancers to ensure that their advice has been received and understood. The case of Hardy v Griffiths reminds us that even the seemingly most experienced buyers sometimes get it wrong! The webinar will highlight the importance of ensuring that clients understand the implications of the different types of survey available at the outset of a purchase. This webinar will act as a useful reminder of the risks in this area for the more experienced practitioner and a useful introduction to survey types for the novice.

The webinar will cover:

  • What does ‘caveat emptor’ mean?
  • Key types of survey – what can the buyer rely on?
  • Risk of not having a survey done
  • Case law including Hardy v Griffiths (2014)
  • What advice should solicitors give?
  • Risk management
  • Lender requirements

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Available until: Thu 15 Aug 2019



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