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Webinar Amendments to a Statement of Case Webinar (On-Demand)


Often, in running or defending a claim, changes need to be made, adding legal arguments or referring to new material in the parties' statements of case. The requirement to obtain the court's permission acts as a filter. Late amendment applicants were described in a recent case as carrying a 'heavy burden' in having to justify the need and timing of the application to amend to the court.

Several cases have been reported in this area in the last two years. This webinar will review these and provide guidance on how applications to amend will fare usually with the following factors in mind:

  • Timing
  • What's the difference between late and late?
  • Impact
  • Prospect of amended point being successful
  • The balance of justice
  • Any limitation points

Short of being able to ‘lock down' a claim or defence at the start, knowing how courts approach amendment applications could be critical for your client.

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Available until: Sat 13 Jul 2019



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