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Webinar "A Person Occupying the Position of Director by Whatever Name Called" - Webinar (Pre-order)


s.250 of the Companies Act 2006 describes the term “director” as including “any person occupying the position of director by whatever name called”. Given the responsibilities and potential liabilities of those who act as company directors, this definition often seems unhelpful to those seeking clear guidance.

This webinar will consider:

  • The definitions of de facto, de jureand “shadow” directors, as discussed in recent case law, and some recent changes made by statute
  • Other terms used to describe the roles carried out by persons who may rank as directors, including “associate” and “alternate” directors, “nominee” and “representative” directors
  • Distinctions between “executive” and “non-executive” directors (including “independent non-executive directors”)
  • The status of those appointed to company boards as “employee representatives”, and the significance of recent Government initiatives in this area
  • The legal duties and liabilities of directors, and the sanctions which may be placed on them (including disqualification under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986)

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