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Webinar A Lease, a Licence or a Tenancy at Will: Does it Matter Which is Used? Webinar (On-Demand)


With pop-ups and other short-term arrangements increasingly a fact of life, there is pressure to keep transaction costs down, and to avoid going over the top with lengthy, formal, legal arrangements.  Licences to occupy and tenancies at will are often used to document short periods of occupation quickly and cheaply. Very different considerations apply to each, and it is essential to have a thorough familiarity with the issues when agreeing with your client how to go about things.

This webinar sets out issues to discuss with your clients including:

  • Is this a new occupier or a tenant remaining in occupation?
  • How long is the period of proposed occupation?
  • Will the tenant occupy a particular area?
  • Will there be any sharing of space?
  • If we call it a Licence, is it?
  • If we call it a Tenancy at Wil, is it?
  • When does the 1954 Act apply?

This webinar is aimed at all commercial property practitioners but a good basic knowledge of Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 is assumed.

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Available until: Fri 26 Jul 2019



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