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Training for In-house Counsel

Inhouse2In October 2017, solicitors will make their first declaration that they
have ‘reflected on and addressed any identified learning and development needs’, under the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s continuing competence regime.

In the new era of continuing competence, the power is in your hands. You decide what you want or need to learn, you decide how you will learn it most effectively, and you decide when you’re ‘done’. Even better, the SRA’s competence statement gives the same emphasis to personal and management skills as it does to technical legal practice.

How can CLT help?

The needs of solicitors working in-house, are different to those working in law firms, so CLT have developed products that support these different needs and ensure that relevant training is available to meet the requirements of the continuing competence regime.

To assist in-house lawyers in finding the perfect training for them CLT has dedicated pages highlighting training of particular interest to in-house lawyers or topics likely to be relevant to the workload of in-house counsel.

Courses, conferences and webinars are all tagged with the relevant SRA competences, so you can identify the training that’s most applicable to you.




Why use an external training supplier?

There are a number of benefits to going external for training and development. One of the most significant is the opportunity to meet others in a similar role and gain insights into how other teams and enterprises operate. Identifying common challenges and different responses is invaluable peer-learning that can make you feel less alone in the role, and seeing things from an alternative perspective can have a rejuvenating impact.

While there may be resistance to paying for external courses when free options are available, it’s worth bearing in mind that free training does not generally come with no strings attached.

IMG_0843I can’t find the right course for me…

For the ultimate in bespoke provision, organisations can select courses to run on their own premises, with their choice of trainer
and the content tailored to their exact requirements. This can be
cost-effective for even a small group, as travel costs are eliminated and less time is spent away from the coal face. Find out more…

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CLT membership provides excellent service, great value for money and above all, quality events saving up to 50% of your training costs.

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