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Mr Ian Quayle


Ian Quayle worked in private practice for 12 years specialising in property law matters. Since 1998 he has worked as a Consultant for national housebuilders, national and international property developers in relation to all aspects of property, landlord and tenant law with a particular interest in defective title issues.

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Upcoming Webinars

Mines and Minerals - Issues for Transactional Property Lawyers - On-Demand Webinar
Assets of Community Value Webinar (On-Demand)
Auctions: Acting for the Seller Webinar (On-Demand)
Auctions: Acting for the Buyer Webinar (On-Demand)
Boundary Issues for Residential Conveyancers Webinar (On-Demand)
Using the City of London Law Society Digital Infrastructure Wayleave Agreement Webinar (On-Demand)
Options, Pre-emption Agreements and Overage Webinar (On-Demand)
Challenging Ground Rent and Service Charge Webinar (On-Demand)
Terminating Residential Tenancies for Vacant Possession Webinar (On-Demand)
Dealing with Defective Residential Leases Webinar (On-Demand)
Property Law: An Introduction for Local Authority Lawyers (Web Course)
Covenants: Current Law and Practice (Web Course)
Easements: Current Law and Practice (Web Course)
Client Management Skills for Residential Conveyancers (Web Course)
Land Registry: 50 Traps (Web Course)
Land Registration Update 2018 Webinar (On-demand)
Airspace and Subsoil Ownership: Leasehold Issues Webinar (On-demand)
Drainage and Property Law Issues Webinar (On-demand)
Residential Leasehold and Consultation - Webinar (On-demand)
Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 - Webinar (On-demand)
Land Registration: An Introduction to the Key Issues (Web Course)
Partnership and Property Law Webinar (On-demand)
Airspace Development for Property Lawyers Webinar (On-demand)
Criminal Law and Residential Conveyancing Webinar (On-demand)
Service Charges in Commercial Leases Webinar (On-demand)
Business Lease Renewal for Transactional Property Lawyers Webinar (Pre-Order)
AML and Client ID for Conveyancing Support Staff Webinar (Pre-Order)
Property Joint Ventures Webinar (Pre-Order)
Boundary Issues for Transactional Property Lawyers Webinar (Pre-Order)
SDLT and Shared Ownership Webinar (Pre-Order)

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