Discover the power of live learning with our new virtual classrooms

In a time of preventive measures and an increased need to work from home, ensuring business continuity and professional development are still as important as ever.

Powered by Zoom, we’re now able to bring you the latest legal updates and hot topics straight to you, in the office or at home.
Ensure you don’t miss out on important compliance or regulatory updates in a safe, comfortable and collaborative environment.

With Zoom, you can interact in real-time not only with the trainer, but with peers from across the country in this new era of networking.

Frequently asked questions

You and fellow learners will join your expert trainer in a classroom – just like a face-to-face course but online! You’ll be able to speak to the trainer and other delegates, and also see them if they have webcams turned on.

The session will include activities similar to those you’d experience in a physical classroom: slideshow presentations, case studies, Q&A, polls and pair/group work.

CLT’s virtual classrooms will use Zoom, an online conferencing platform. To join the session you’ll need an internet connection but no special software. A headset and webcam will enable you to participate fully in the session.

The bandwidth used by Zoom will be optimised for the best experience based on the participants’ network. You can find out more about system requirements and bandwidth here.

Yes, please follow the prompts through this link, where you can test the software and your internet connection prior to any virtual classrooms you will attend. You can check that you are running the latest version of Zoom by following the instructions on this page.

You will be able to see anyone who has a webcam turned on – this will include the trainer and any delegates who have this function enabled. Being able to see other participants makes it more like an in-person training session so we encourage delegates not to be shy and to turn their cameras on! Depending on your device, you may be able to hide your background (which can protect the privacy of others). 

We will email materials to registered delegates in advance of the session, in case you want to print a copy and make notes. If the trainer would use slides in a classroom session, these will be visible on screen during the training.

The materials you will be sent are for your own use only and you are not permitted to share these with colleagues or to save these onto a shared drive.

Trainers will offer frequent short breaks to aid concentration – we have suggested a five minute break about every 40 minutes. If you are attending a full day session, time will be allowed to have lunch and stretch your legs.

Only registered delegates may attend the training session, and attendance will be monitored to ensure only those who have booked join the course. As with face-to-face live events, there is a cost to attend per delegate.

CLT is confident that the Zoom platform provides adequate security for the delivery of online training. Room IDs are randomised, password-protected and shared privately with the trainer and delegates by email.

A CLT administrator will be in the room at the start of each session to ensure only participants who should be there enter the room, and the small group size means anyone who should not be there can be easily identified and removed from the room.

While the Zoom app offers the best user experience, you can also join from your browser if you do not want to or cannot download the app.

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