IMPORTANT: Reasonable Adjustment Applications must be made at least 20 working days prior to the training/assessment. If CLT are not given sufficient notice then we cannot guarantee your application will be accommodated.

Policy on Supporting Candidates with Disabilities
Central Law Training aims to:

  • Ensure that teaching and assessment methods and strategies are as inclusive as reasonably possible, that candidates with disabilities have fair access to learning opportunities and that people with disabilities are in no way treated less favourably than other participants.
  • Encourage and facilitate disclosure of disability by candidates and adapt teaching and assessment methods appropriately.
  • Make reasonable adjustments to administration, teaching and assessment to meet the needs of candidates with a disability.
  • Actively elicit and respond to feedback from candidates with a disability, with the aim of improving their examination experience
  • Strive to anticipate the needs of candidates with a disability and work to continuously improve provision for all candidates to ensure equal opportunity for all.
  • Ensure that the venues where training and assessments are held are supportive of candidates with a disability.

Reasonable Adjustment Allowances

These adjustments are normally only made where a candidate can provide supporting medical evidence. The most frequent adjustment granted is that of additional time. In cases where it is considered that a candidate would benefit from extra time, this would normally be at the rate of up to a maximum of 15 minutes per hour of the assessment.

A candidate would not normally be allowed rest periods as such, but should be granted a specified period of additional time which they may manage as they need according to their professional advice. Any candidate granted both extra time and rest periods will be treated as an exceptional case.

If a candidate is taken ill during an assessment, but is capable of continuing after treatment, any time lost may be added at the end of the assessment.

Reasonable Adjustment Applications

Candidates must make a Reasonable Adjustment Application to the Programme Manager at least 20 working days prior to the training/assessment by indicating this on the enrolment form. This information will be recorded on CLT’s central booking system and on a tracking spreadsheet and will only be used for dealing with the request and for statistical purposes. CLT may consider late applications but cannot guarantee that the requested adjustment can be made.

The request should be accompanied by an appropriate medical certificate or psychological/needs assessment that is no more than 12 months old and should refer to the nature and degree of the condition and recommendations as to its management during the examinations and the course, if appropriate. If there is any doubt about the validity or accuracy of the assessment provided, the condition should be assessed as soon as possible by an appropriately qualified practitioner approved by CLT and an assessment provided. A delegate with an assessment that is more than 12 months old will normally be required to obtain a review assessment.

In the case of accidental injuries or acute illness, or if a candidate’s disability is diagnosed after enrolment, for example, a broken limb which happens a short time before the assessment, candidates are required to contact the Programme Manager as soon as possible after the event. Each request should be accompanied by a medical certificate indicating the nature of the injury or illness and recommendations as to how this should be managed during the training/ assessment.

The Programme Manager will ensure that the necessary arrangements are put in place. However, there may be occasions where such needs cannot be met due to financial constraints and/or other constraints outside CLT's control. Confirmation will be sent to the candidate of arrangements made by CLT in advance of the assessment/course.

CLT will reserve the right to cancel or refuse a candidate’s enrolment for training / assessment where insufficient notice has been given to CLT to make the reasonable adjustments required.

Failure to notify CLT about a disability prior to the assessment taking place cannot be considered as a mitigating factor nor can reasonable adjustments be made once the assessment has taken place.

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