These examinations are set in accordance with the Candidates' Guidance Notes published by the Law Society. If you are considering sitting the examinations it's important that you read the Guidance Notes so you can fully prepare for the examinations. The Guidance Notes should also be read in conjunction with the Assessment Regulations.



Exam Duration

3 hours + 45 minutes reading time

Pass Mark

The pass mark is 50%

The assessment requires candidates to answer questions based on the review of case studies, files and a typical day's in-tray.

Professional Conduct and Gross Professional Error

Professional Conduct will be assessed throughout the exam. If the candidate is found to have committed a gross professional error, s/he will fail the examination irrespective of the overall mark obtained.

A gross professional error is defined as: "a serious departure from, or breach of, the standards of professional conduct and ethics."

Overriding Fault in English

If an overriding fault in English is found anywhere in the examination script, the candidate will fail the whole examination, irrespective of the overall mark obtained. An overriding fault in English is "an error, or a combination of errors, that compromises the client".

Permitted Materials for the Supervisors Timed Assessment ONLY

This is an open book examination. This means that candidates make take into the examination room any material, including test books, other bound material, downloaded material, personally prepared notes and lecture notes. All documents may be annotated and underlined in as much detail as the candidate requires. Post-it notes are also allowed in this context.

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