Casework Assistant - Timing: 9.30am - 1.00pm

Date October 2020
* Casework Assistant Written Examination 6th October
Results emailed no later than 5pm on 24th November









Fees (all fees shown are including VAT)

Registration Fee
Trainee Casework Assistant £180.00
Casework Assistant £420.00
Senior Caseworker £474.00
Supervising Senior Caseworker £420.00










Have a question? Please contact us either by email or by phone +44 (0)121 362 7735.

Please note: October is the last round of exams that CLT will be running for the IAAS scheme. Please contact the Law Society for information about future rounds on 020 7320 5797 or CLT is unable to answer any questions about future arrangements.

Senior Caseworker - Timing:  9.30am - 1.00pm

Date October 2020
* Senior Caseworker Written Examination 6th October
Results emailed no later than 5pm on 24th November






*ImportantAdvance Materials Please be aware that advance material for the examination will be released 7 days prior to the examination taking place and you will only be able to access the materials once you are booked onto the examination. We will accept bookings up to the date of the examination but accept no liability in the event that late booking and consequent lack of time to review advance material impacts on the examination result.


Supervising Senior Caseworker - Timing:  9.30am - 1.15pm

Date October 2020
Supervising Senior Caseworker 13th October
Results emailed no later than 5pm on 24th November






ImportantSupporting Documents Due to the October exam being online we will be sending the Supporting Documents that are referred to during this exam by post/courier.  If you are planning to sit the exam on 13th October, please ensure we have your booking by 5th October to enable us to get the Supporting Documents to you prior to the exam. We will continue to take bookings after this time but as we cannot guarantee we will be able to get the supporting documents to you before the exam takes place, they will be sent by email and it will be your responsibility to print them off. 


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