Covid 19 – Examination Update

To allow applicants to continue to apply for membership to the Law Society we will be running all of the immigration exams on the advertised dates.  However, due to the current preventative measures in place we cannot deliver them in the usual manner where attendance at a venue in London is required.

Therefore, the Casework Assistant, Senior Caseworker and Supervising Senior Caseworker Exams scheduled to take place in October will be available to sit online. Candidates can sit them from home provided they have internet access and a computer.

Please note that although the exams will be online, the exam format, content and syllabus as laid out in the Candidate Guidance for the exams will remain the same and you should continue to study for the exams as you usually would.

If you wish to book any of these exams please complete the booking form below and email it to

The IAAS is an accreditation scheme run by the Law Society which aims to ensure a minimum standard of competency for practitioners advising on immigration and asylum law.

These practitioners may be:
• solicitors or FILEX who hold a practising certificate, normally free of conditions,
• barristers in independent practice or
• non-solicitors employed in a practice or an organisation that is regulated by the OISC or SRA.

Membership of the scheme is mandatory for practitioners advising under a Legal Aid Agency contract and encouraged for other practitioners as an independent kitemark of high standards and competency.

Central Law Training works with the Law Society to assess competency for practitioners seeking IAAS accreditation.

How do I gain accreditation under the IAAS?

In order to achieve accreditation, you must:

• Demonstrate that you have the required level of competence and can deliver good quality, practical advice. This is assessed under exam conditions; and then
• Pass vetting checks carried out by the Law Society Accreditation Office to ensure that you are a fit and proper person.

Once you have passed both the assessment and the vetting checks, you can apply to the Law Society Accreditation Office for membership to the scheme. You will find further information about membership to the scheme on the Law Society website.

What level of knowledge and experience do I need to achieve accreditation?
Members of the IAAS are required to be fully accredited at Senior Caseworker level. If you do not feel ready to take the Senior Caseworker assessment, you may apply for interim accreditation as a Casework Assistant and, if successful, can practise at this stage for a maximum of 12 months. There is also a probationary stage, in which members may apply for accreditation as a Trainee Casework Assistant. Members can practise at this stage for a maximum of 9 months. Senior Caseworkers may also apply to accredit as Supervising Senior Caseworkers.

How can I find out more?
If you are considering applying for accreditation under the IAAS, it’s important that you read the Candidates' Guidance Notes. These provide information about the format of the assessments, the syllabus that forms the basis of the assessments and the permitted materials that you may take into the assessments. Please note that these are updated on a regular basis, so you should ensure that you refer to them as part of your exam preparation.

You should also download the Assessment Regulations available here >

Please read the FAQs below which provide further information about the IAAS. If you still have questions please contact us either by email or by phone +44 (0)121 362 7735. Alternatively you may contact the Law Society or by phone +44 (0)20 7320 5797.

We are not accepting postal applications at this time.  Please email your completed booking form with payment to

2020 Immigration and Asylum Booking Form View all Immigration courses >

Immigration Frequently Asked Questions

The assessments at Casework Assistant, Senior Caseworker and Supervising Senior Caseworker level are held in February, June and October and results are emailed to candidates 35 working days later.

The assessments for Trainee Casework Assistant are held 6 times a year, and results will be available at the end of the online exam.

Please bear in mind that once you have passed the assessment you will need to allow time for the Law Society to approve you as a fit and proper person before you achieve accreditation. This can take 4-6 weeks.

Details of the dates of forthcoming assessments can be found here >

The assessments are now being held online.  This means that candidates can sit them from home provided they have internet access and a computer.   Once booked onto the exam,  candidates will be provided with login details to an online platform. 

The Trainee Casework Assistant exam is multiple choice and candidates will be able to select and submit their answers online and receive their results at the end of the exam.   

For the Casework Assistant, Senior Caseworker and Supervising Senior Caseworker candidates will be able to access the exam paper, type their responses and submit their exam paper through the online platform for marking.  Results will be emailed to candidates 35 working days later.

All candidates will need to register with Central Law Training prior to taking their first assessment at a cost of £51.

The fees for the individual assessments are paid separately and are set out below. All fees are inclusive of VAT.

Trainee Casework Assistant £180.00
Casework Assistant £420.00
Senior Caseworker £474.00
Supervising Senior Caseworker £420.00

The syllabus for the assessments is set out in the Candidates' Guidance Notes. These are updated well in advance of each round of assessments; please ensure that you read them carefully when preparing for the assessments

There is no appeal against the Assessment Board's academic judgment: its decision is final.

The only ground for an appeal is on the basis that the assessment has not been conducted in accordance with the syllabus laid down by the Law Society. If you want to appeal on these grounds, you must write to us within 7 days of receiving your results, detailing how you consider that the assessment has failed to comply with the syllabus. A fee of £250 + VAT is payable and will be refunded if the appeal is upheld. Appeals received out of time will not, under any circumstances be considered.

For more information please download the Assessment Regulations >

If you fail the assessment you can request detailed feedback on your paper to help you prepare to resit. Feedback must be requested within 7 days of results being received by email and a fee of £75 plus VAT is payable. If you wish to apply for feedback please email to request an application form.

Yes – links to past exam papers can be found below. These papers can be used to prepare for the assessments but please note that the format of the exams and the permitted materials are subject to change so it is vital that you refer to the Candidates' Guidance Notes for the latest guidance.

Multiple Choice Test - Sample Questions *

Level 1 Advance Material
Level 1 Written Exam *

Level 2 Advance Material
Level 2 Written Exam *

Supervisors Timed Assessment
Supervisors Timed Assessment
Documents - Question 1
Documents - Question 3&4

IMPORTANT:  Please note that the permitted materials for the MCT, Level 1 and Level 2 examination may have changed from what is detailed in the Instructions to Candidates shown in these sample papers. Please refer to Examination Information for the guidance on permitted material.

If you are aware of a medical condition that might impact on you when taking an assessment please contact us as soon as possible and in any event no later than 20 working days before the assessment. We will need you to provide an appropriate medical certificate or psychological/needs assessment that is no more than 12 months old and refers to the nature and degree of the condition and recommendations as to its management during the assessment. Once we have this, we will ensure that, as far as is reasonably possible, any necessary arrangements are put in place. Further details of our policy on reasonable adjustments can be found here >

Details of the permitted materials are contained in the Candidates' Guidance Notes. This is updated from time to time so please check the list carefully before the assessment.

Please be aware that candidates must refer to hard copies of permitted materials during the examination.  Candidates are not permitted to refer to permitted material on the device they are using or on another device.

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