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Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme

What is the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme?

The Law Society's Immigration and Asylum Accreditation covers all asylum advice and services work.  Membership is a mandatory requirement only for practitioners who wish to carry out and receive payment under a Legal Aid Agency (LAA) contract in the immigration and asylum category, save for advocacy services from the independent bar.

Is is not compulsory for solicitors offering immigration and asylum advice and services on a privately funded basis; however, membership is encouraged as it is an independent objective mark of high standards and competency in the field.


Membership Levels

There are four different levels of membership

  • Probationer
  • Level 1 - Accredited
  • Level 2 - Senior caseworker
  • Level 2 - Supervisor
  • Level 3 (Advanced) - Supervisor.  The Law Society has branded this as Immigration Law Advanced and further information can be found on the Law Society website

Central Law Training cannot give advice on what level you should choose or Law Society membership.


Expected Standards of Competence

Achieving accreditation is based on two elements. 

  1. Pass the competency standards relevant to the level of accreditation to be maintained, which set out the key knowledge and skills that advisers should have.  Standards are designed to reflect the issues encountered by practitioners, rather than knowledge of specific case law and ensure that those who are accredited are able to deliver good quality, practical advice.
  2. Meet fitness and propriety standards by passing vetting checks carried out by the Law Society Accreditation Office

Once the competency standards and fitness and propriety checks are satisfied, the Law Society Accreditation Office will grant membership to the scheme.

Further information with regards to membership and achieving accreditation can be found on the Law Society website.


Applying for Accreditation

To apply for accreditation for all levels, you need to complete and pass the relevant examination.  Central Law Training is the approved assessment organisation to carry out the examinations. 

Information about the examinations can be found under Examination Information.


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