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Personal Injury

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Personal Injury Law is a source of increasing work for law firms and other legal service providers.

This course provides you with a comprehensive A-Z examination of the principles and doctrines of Personal Injury Law by using real life type examples. 

The modules, practical examples and assignments are designed to;- 

  • test your knowledge and understanding of the substantive law
  • develop and demonstrate your ability to carry out research
  • develop your fact management and problem solving skills
  • develop your written communication skills
  • resolve any difficulties you may have in understanding and applying the relevant law
  • equip you with legal skills that you need as a paralegal specialising in personal injury law. 

Core Units

  1. Fundamental Knowledge for Litigators
  2. A Background to the Law of Tort - Liability in Negligence
  3. Liability within Personal Injury
  4. Assessing Your Clients Case
  5. Factual Evidence and Analysis
  6. Expert Evidence
  7. Statements of Case
  8. Case Management
  9. Interim Applications
  10. Damages


What our clients say...

Now that I have qualified, I have taken on files which would otherwise have been dealt with by solicitors. Passing this course has helped me so much both in terms of my knowledge and my confidence. The course has clarified points, filled knowledge gaps and trained me to think about dealing with everyday situations in a different, more practical and more efficient way. My confidence continues to grow!

Vicky Karthauser, Paralegal, Cozens-Hardy LLP

I enjoyed the programme because it allowed me to organise my studies around my full-time job, and still have free time within the schedule. Since completing the Qualification in Personal Injury Law, I have gained more confidence in performing my role as a Legal Services Assistant. I also feel able to offer more support to my manager, the Trust's solicitor. My advice would be that it's never too late to start a career in the law. This programme allows one to achieve this whilst continuing to work concurrently. Catherine Aherne, BTEC Graduate, Legal Services, Weston Area Health NHS Trust
I have a far better understanding of how a personal injury claim works the length of time these types of cases can take to complete and the processes/terminology used by solicitors. I am one of two newly qualified Paralegals in the entire business dealing solely with all Subrogated Claims so the benefit to the company has been invaluable. I decided to become a Paralegal to gain more confidence in my job role and to support me in day to day decisions. Martine Vear, Subrogated Claims Advisor, Simplyhealth


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