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Property Development Contracts: Advanced Issues

This essential course explains options, conditional contracts and site promotion agreements.

Property development is back in business. But it is a complex area and developers can be blind to potential problems until they are bankrupted by them. Navigating the minefield needs not only knowledge of many areas of law but also commercial awareness.

This course takes you through the various documents to help you advise your clients on the best route to take:

  • Exclusivity agreements, call options, put options, and pre-emption agreements:What they are, when to use them, the advantages and disadvantages, protection
  • Options: Key points including, pricing and valuation issues, timing and extension, control of seller's actions, exercise, and protection. SDLT issues
  • Conditional contracts: Triggers, e.g. what is 'satisfactory planning permission', affordable housing and other constraints, defining 'onerous' conditions in a practical way, calculating the price-valuation points and formulae, SDLT - sales and assignments
  • Land Promotion Agreements: Key features and problems, timescale, valuation, obligations to sell, securing payment and dividing the spoils, avoiding SDLT issues
  • Liaison with other professionals: The importance of being a team player with your client's consultants and advisers; communication and reporting issues


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