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This catalogue lists all of our courses, conferences and webinars which are currently available, please click on any title to view full details and book.

Alternatively, you can view our catalogues of courses, conferences and webinars separately.

"Some Other Substantial Reason" for Dismissal Webinar (On-demand)
10 Tricky Commercial Property Problems (6 Hours)
10 Tricky Points in Insurance Law
12 Tricky Data Protection Points - updated for GDPR
40 Advocacy Tips - On-Demand Webinar
A Guide to Maternity, Paternity Rights and Shared Parental Leave Webinar (On-Demand)
A Lease, a Licence or a Tenancy at Will: Does it Matter Which is Used? Webinar (On-Demand)
A Piece of the Pie: An Introduction to Employee Share Schemes
A Practical Guide to Contract Breach, Termination and Damages Webinar (Pre-Order)
A Practical Guide to Variations and Disclaimers
A Tricky Business: BPR and APR Explained
Acting Against Litigants in Person Webinar (On-demand)
Acting for a Buyer on a New Build: Pitfalls and Tips
Acting for Developers Buying Land
Acting for Parents in Care Proceedings
ADR: The Growth of Online Dispute Resolution Webinar (On-Demand)
Advance Directives Webinar (On-Demand)
Advanced Employee Share Schemes
Advanced Police Station Practice Update 2019
Advising and Defending Directors of Insolvent Companies Webinar (On-Demand)
Advising Clients on Buying Retirement Property Webinar (Pre-Order)
Advising Directors of Insolvent Companies (Web Course)
Advising on Covenants - Update Webinar (On-demand)
Advising Vulnerable Clients Webinar (On-Demand)
Advocacy and Persuasive Communication
Advocacy Before the District Judge
Agreements for Lease - Webinar On Demand
Agreements for Lease: The Basics
Agreements for Lease: The Next Step
Agricultural Land: An Introduction Webinar (On-Demand)
Airspace and Subsoil Ownership: Leasehold Issues Webinar (On-demand)
Airspace Development for Property Lawyers Webinar (On-demand)
All About Share Capital
AML and Client ID for Conveyancing Support Staff Webinar (On-Demand)
An Employment Lawyer’s Guide to Drafting: Restrictive Covenants Webinar (On-Demand)
An In-Depth Look at Gross Misconduct Dismissals Webinar (On-demand)
An Introduction to Company Secretarial Practice Part 1: Legal and Compliance Aspects
An Introduction to Company Secretarial Practice Part 2: The Corporate Governance Role
An Introduction to Data Protection and GDPR
An Introduction to Enfranchisement and Lease Extension
An Introduction to Mental Capacity Webinar (On-Demand)
An Introduction to Mental Health Law Webinar (On-Demand)
An Introduction to Online Divorce webinar (On-Demand)
An Introduction to the Governance of Charities Webinar (On-demand)
An Overview of Planning Law
Anti-Money Laundering: All Change! Webinar (On-Demand)
Appealing Against Adverse Outcomes at Trial Webinar (On-Demand)
Appraisal for Appraisees and New Employees Webinar On Demand
Arbitration: Midnight Clauses and Effective Drafting Webinar (On-demand)
Assertiveness - saying what you want to say in an appropriate way (On-demand Webinar)
Assets of Community Value Webinar (On-Demand)
Asylum Applications for Minors Webinar (On-Demand)
Auctions: Acting for the Buyer Webinar (On-Demand)
Auctions: Acting for the Seller Webinar (On-Demand)
Avoiding and Managing Commercial Disputes: A Guide for In-house Counsel
Avoiding Limitation Pitfalls and Applications for Discretion Webinar (On-Demand)
Benefits for Elderly Clients Webinar (On-Demand)
Best Practice for IT and Outsourcing Contracts
Blockchain in the Digital Economy: The Lawyer's Essential Guide
Blockchain: An Introduction for Lawyers
Boilerplates: A Refresher Webinar (On-demand)
Boundary Disputes: A Practical Approach
Boundary Issues for Residential Conveyancers Webinar (On-Demand)
Boundary Issues for Transactional Property Lawyers Webinar (On-Demand)
Branding and the Law: A Practical Guide to Increase Fees - On-Demand Webinar
Breach of Contract: New Cases Webinar (On-demand)
Break Clauses: How to break with no mistake! Webinar - On Demand
Brexit and Cross-Border Litigation: Implications and Actions
Brexit for In-House Lawyers Conference 2019
Bridging the Gap: What next for gender pay reporting? Webinar (On-demand)
Budgeting, Billing and the Electronic Bill
Building Regulations: An Introduction Webinar (On-Demand)
Business Lease Renewal for Transactional Property Lawyers Webinar (On-Demand)
Business Writing - On-Demand Webinar
Buying and Selling Rural Property
Buying Property SPVs: Corporate Issues and Practicalities for Property Lawyers Webinar(On-Demand)
Capacity and Litigation Webinar (On-Demand)
Care Act Update 2019 Webinar (Pre-Order)
Care and Adoption Workshop
Case Analysis and Project Management for Junior Litigators
Cash-flow: Tools and Techniques for Success Webinar (On-Demand)
Caveat Emptor and the Importance of the Survey - 2018 Update Webinar (On-demand)
Certificate in Agricultural Law
Certificate in Civil Litigation Procedure
Certificate in Clinical Negligence
Certificate In Commercial Contract Drafting
Certificate in Commercial Leases
Certificate in Commercial Property Litigation
Certificate in Company Law Practice
Certificate in Competition Law
Certificate in Construction Law
Certificate in Consumer Law
Certificate in Costs Law
Certificate in Court of Protection Practice
Certificate in Education Law
Certificate in Employment Practice
Certificate in Family Law and Procedure
Certificate in Insurance Law
Certificate in Intellectual Property Law
Certificate in Personal Injury
Certificate in Planning
Certificate in Private Client Tax
Certificate in Probate and Administration of Estates
Certificate in Social Housing Law
Certificate in Sports Law
Certificate in Trusts
Certificate in Will Drafting
Challenging Ground Rent and Service Charge Webinar (On-Demand)
Charging Orders and Orders for Sale and Third Party Debt Orders Webinar (On-demand)
Charity Land Transactions
Checking up on Your Boilerplates Webinar (Pre-Order)
Children Law Accreditation: Approved 3 Day Course
Children Law Cases: Law, Procedure and Advocacy
Children Law Update 2019 Webinar (On-Demand)
Children Law: Dealing with Common Complications
Child's Pay: Applications Under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 Webinar (On-Demand)
Civil Claims against the Police Webinar - On Demand
Claims Against Directors Webinar (On-Demand)
Claims for Unpaid Wages - Webinar (On-Demand)
Client Updates and Newsletters Webinars (On-Demand)
COLPs, COFAs and Managing Compliance 2019
Commercial Leases and Notices: A Practical Workshop
Commercial Leases for Local Authorities: Differences and Pitfalls
Commercial Leases: 2019 Masterclass
Commercial Property Contracts: What Should the Contract Provide? Part 1 - Webinar (On-Demand)
Commercial Property Contracts: What Should the Contract Provide? Part 2 - Webinar (On-Demand)
Commercial Property Update 2019
Commercial Property: Introduction for Paralegals
Commercial Property: Introduction to Law and Practice; Day 1
Commercial Property: Introduction to Law and Practice; Day 2
Competencies and Appraisals - On-Demand Webinar
Competition Law and Brexit
Competition Law Update: Developments and Trends
Completion Procedures - The need to review after Dreamvar Webinar (On-demand)
Compliance and the Company Secretary: Part 1
Compliance and the Company Secretary: Part 2
Compliance Update Webinar April 2019 - On Demand
Compliance Update Webinar October 2018 (On-demand)
Concurrent Delay & Construction Insurance
Conduct and Add-back and Adverse Inference Webinar (On-Demand)
Conducting a Civil Claim from Start to Finish in the Post-Jackson Era
Conducting a Successful Appraisal - On-demand Webinar
Confiscation and Forfeiture
Consent Orders in Matrimonial Finance: The Devil in the Detail Webinar (On-Demand)
Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 - Webinar (On-demand)
Construction Law Update 2019
Consumer Law - Civil Aspects
Content Marketing for Lawyers - On-Demand Webinar
Contentious Probate and Will Disputes: Developing Your Knowledge
Contentious Probate Case Round-Up 2018 Webinar (On-Demand)
Contentious Probate Case Round-Up 2019 Webinar (Pre-Order)
Contentious Probate: Current Issues and Problem Areas for Practitioners (5 hours)
Contract Breach and Termination – Key Remedies for Litigators
Contract Law Refresher for Property Lawyers - Part One - On-Demand Webinar
Contract Law Refresher for Property Lawyers - Part Two - On-Demand Webinar
Contract Law Update 2019
Contract Law Update 2019 Webinar (Pre-Order)
Contract Termination Rights Webinar (On-demand)
Contracted-Out Leases: Here be Dragons Webinar (On-Demand)
Contributory Negligence for Pedestrians and Road Traffic Accidents - Webinar (On-demand)
Conveyancing Law Update - Wales
Conveyancing Searches and Enquiries: Best Practice
Conveyancing Update 2019
Conveyancing: An Intensive Workshop for Paralegals and Support Staff
Conveyancing: The Mechanics of Exchange and Completion
Co-ownership Advice - 2018 Update Webinar (On-demand)
Coping With Stress - On-Demand Webinar
Corporate Governance: Recent Developments and Reform
Corporate Insolvency Overview Webinar (On-Demand)
Corporate Support for Property Lawyers (Web Course)
Costs Information: Making the Most of Your Professional Obligations - On-Demand Webinar
Costs Law Update 2019
Covenants: Current Law and Practice
CPR, Civil Litigation and Jackson Update 2019
Criminal Court Advocacy: Moving up a Gear
Criminal Evidence: The Essential Guide
Criminal Finances Act 2017: The ‘Failure to Prevent’ Offence Webinar (On-Demand)
Criminal Law and Residential Conveyancing Webinar (On-demand)
Criminal Law Update 2019
Cross-Border Estate Administration in One Hour Webinar (On-Demand)
Cross-Examination in Crime: Improving Your Technique
Cross-Selling in a Law Firm Webinar (On-demand)
Crowdfunding: Regulation and Legal Issues
Cybercrime and Fraud in Conveyancing
Cybercrime in Conveyancing (E-learning Course)
Damages for Breach of Contract
Damages: Dealing with Higher Value PI Claims
Data Protection and Brexit: Implications and Actions
Data Protection and Cyber Security
Data Protection and GDPR Update 2019
Data Protection for Data Handlers Webinar (Pre-Order)
Data Protection: A Guide to Consent under GDPR Webinar (On-Demand)
Data Protection: Conducting a Data Audit
Data Protection: Privacy Notices, SARs, Consent and More
Data Protection: Processing Children's Data Webinar (On-Demand)
Data Retention and Destruction: A 30-Minute Guide Webinar (On-Demand)
Dealing with Defective Residential Leases Webinar (On-Demand)
Dealing with Residential Property Problems
Dealing with Unregistered Land in Conveyancing
Declarations of Trust and Restrictions Webinar (On-Demand)
Decoding Mortgage Offers Webinar (On-demand)
Defences to Professional Negligence Claims Webinar (On-demand)
Defending Accusations of Negligence Webinar (On-Demand)
Delegation - How to do it Well - On-Demand Webinar
Deliberate Deprivation for Social Care Webinar (On-Demand)
Demystifying Overage Clauses in an Hour Webinar - On Demand
Deprivation of Liberty: Advising Deputies and Attorneys Webinar (On-Demand)
Development Land: Overage and Clawback
Digital Assets: Planning in An Online World
Digital Escrow in Conveyancing (On-demand webinar)
Dilapidations: Thinking Tactically and Practically
Directors' Service Contracts
Directors: Duties, Responsibilities and Liabilities (6 hours)
Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings: Enforcing Professional Duties and Obligations
Disclosure and Privilege Following the SFO v ENRC Decision - Webinar (On-demand)
Don't Trip Up with Litigation Tactics Webinar (On-Demand)
Drafting a Shareholder Agreement (6 hours)
Drafting and Negotiating IP Licences
Drafting Around Tricky Commercial Contract Problems 2019
Drafting Commercial Contracts (6 Hours)
Drafting Commercial Lasting Powers of Attorney
Drafting Effective Witness Statements
Drafting IT Agreements - The Essential Guide
Drafting Legal Documents for Lawyers
Drainage and Property Law Issues Webinar (On-demand)
Driving for Work Webinar (On-Demand)
Duties of the Data Protection Officer
Easements: Current Law and Practice
Effective Client Meetings for New and Recently Qualified Lawyers (On-demand Webinar)
Effective Complaints Handling
Effective Minute Taking - On-Demand Webinar
Effective Reporting on Title
Emergency Remedies: ICOs, EPOs and PPOs
Employment Law Update 2019
Employment Status: Employee, Worker or Self-Employed
Employment Status: Employee, Worker or Self-Employed (Web Course)
Employment Tribunal Advocacy Workshop
Employment Tribunals: How Much is the Claim Worth?
End of Life Decisions Webinar (On-Demand)
Enforcing Family Orders Against the Self-Employed - On-Demand Webinar
Enforcing Property Orders in Family Cases - On-Demand Webinar
Enfranchisement and Lease Extension Conference 2019
Equity Release - An Introduction for Conveyancers
Essential Skills for Trainees: A Toolkit for Success (Web Course)
Essential Toolkit for In-house Counsel
Essentials: What's New in Wills and Probate 2019 Webinar (On Demand)
Ethics: A Guide to Compliance Webinar (On-Demand)
EU Digital Copyright Directive Webinar (On Demand)
Exceptional Front of House Skills - On-Demand Webinar
Exclusion Clauses: An Update Webinar (On-Demand)
Fair Selection for Redundancy: The Latest Cases Webinar (On-demand)
Family Cases: Preparation and Advocacy in Front of the District Judge
Family Law Update 2019
FCA Compliance: An Introduction
Fee Recovery for Solicitors and Barristers Webinar (On-demand)
Financial Orders: Practical Enforcement Webinar (On-Demand)
Forfeiture of Leases: The Ultimate Persuader? (Web Course)
Form E - Getting it Right - On-Demand Webinar
Franchising, Distribution and Agency Agreements
Getting Results from Business Development (Web Course)
Getting the Very Most Out of Your Day
Getting to Grips with the New SRA Accounts Rules
Handling Sporting Injury Claims Webinar (On-Demand)
Handling the Average Money Divorce
High Risk and Unusual Clients in Conveyancing
Highways Law for Property Lawyers (Web Course)
Holiday Pay - The Changing Landscape Webinar (On-demand)
Homes: Planning with RNRB Webinar (On-Demand)
Hot Topics in Criminal Evidence
How Law Firms Can Run Effective Events - On-Demand Webinar
How Law Firms Can Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool - On-Demand Webinar
How to Fire a Senior Executive Without Consequences Webinar (On-Demand)
How to Give Effective Feedback - On-Demand Webinar
How to Increase Profitability (On-demand Webinar)
How To Win Tenders - On-demand Webinar
IHT100 - Your Guide to Completion Webinar (On-Demand)
IHT400: A Practical Guide
Immigration - Casework Assistant - Drafting Course
Immigration - Casework Assistant - Intensive Immigration and Asylum Law Course
Immigration - Senior Caseworker - Drafting Course
Immigration - Senior Caseworker - Exam Techniques and Preparation Day
Immigration - Senior Caseworker - Intensive Immigration and Asylum Law Course (Day 1)
Immigration - Senior Caseworker - Intensive Immigration and Asylum Law Course (Day 2)
Immigration - Supervisor's Revision Course
Improve Your Concentration and Memory - On-Demand Webinar
Inquests: A Practical Guide
Insolvency and Leases Part One Webinar On Demand
Insolvency and Leases Part Two Webinar On Demand
Insolvency Applications: A Whistlestop Tour Webinar (On-Demand)
Insolvency Case Law Update 2018 Webinar (On-Demand)
Insolvency Case Law Update 2019 Webinar (On-Demand)
Intellectual Property Law for Commercial Lawyers
Intellectual Property: Licensing and Exploiting IP
Interim Payments - Damages and Costs Webinar - On Demand
International Family Law: How to weather the Brexit storm
International Sanctions and Export Controls: What You Need to Know Webinar (On-Demand)
Interviewing Witnesses: How to Unlock Their Memories
Introduction to Company Law Webinar - On Demand
Introduction to Corporate Finance
Introduction to Estate Administration (E-learning Course)
Introduction to GDPR (Web Course)
Introduction to Personal Injury (E-learning Course)
Introduction to Public Procurement
Introduction to Residential Conveyancing (E-learning Course)
Introduction to Will-Drafting (E-learning Course)
Investment Property Sales and Purchases (3 hours)
IP and IT Law Update
IP Rights and Brexit: Implications and actions
Issues with Mixed-Use Developments Webinar - On Demand
IT Contracts for App Development Webinar (On-Demand)
Japanese Knotweed – a Real Nuisance? Webinar (On-Demand)
Know your rules - The key to effective Advocacy Webinar (On-Demand)
Land Registration: An Introduction to the Key Issues (Web Course)
Land Registration: Key Issues in Commercial Property
Land Registration: Key Issues in Residential Property
Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection Winter 2019 Update Webinar (On-demand)
Law in Wales: An Introduction to Welsh Devolution Webinar (On-demand)
Lease Surrenders - Ten Points to Ignore at Your Peril Webinar (On-Demand)
Legal Aid in Immigration/Asylum: A Guide for Practitioners Webinar (On-Demand)
Legal Aid Supervision: An Introduction
Legal Drafting Webinar (On-Demand)
Lender's Conveyancing Handbook Update Webinar (On-Demand)
Lexcel v6.1 in an Hour Webinar (On-demand)
Liability for Animals: A step-by-step guide to establishing liability Webinar (On-demand)
Limitation - Problems and Solutions Webinar (On-Demand)
Limitation of Liability 2019 Webinar (Pre-Order)
Limiting Liability: Indemnities, Warranties and Guarantees that Work
LinkedIn for Lawyers - A Tool you can't ignore Webinar (On-Demand)
Litigants in Person and McKenzie Friends in Family Cases Webinar (On-Demand)
Litigating Against Directors: Lifting the Veil Webinar (On-Demand)
Lock-up: Unlocking the Key to Success Webinar (On-Demand)
LPAs - Still Useful? Webinar (Pre-order)
Magistrates' Court Trial Advocacy
Making a Success of Every Interim Application
Making Sense of Constructive Dismissal - Webinar (On-Demand)
Making Use of Defences in Statutory and Common Law Webinar (On-Demand)
Management Course Stage 1
Management Course Stage 2: Developing the Manager
Managing and Motivating People
Managing Difficult People Webinar (On-Demand)
Managing Time and Workload Webinar - On Demand
Maximising Loss & Liability in B2B Contracts Webinar (On-demand)
Mediation at the Court of Protection for Mediators
Mediation at the Court of Protection for Non-Mediators
Mental Capacity & Court of Protection Spring 2019 Update Webinar On Demand
Mental Capacity Assessments Webinar (On-Demand)
Mental Health and The Criminal Justice System Webinar (On-Demand)
Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace Webinar (On-Demand)
Mines and Minerals - Issues for Transactional Property Lawyers - On-Demand Webinar
Mines, Brines, Sinkholes and Completion Catastrophes Webinar (On-Demand)
Misrepresentation: The Litigation/Drafting Checklist Webinar (Pre-Order)
Money Laundering Compliance in Private Practice
Motor Finance: An Introduction and Overview
MOU and LOI: An Update Webinar (On-Demand)
NDA’s: Ethics and Enforceability
Negotiating Alienation Clauses in an Hour Webinar - On Demand
Negotiating Tax Warranties and Tax Covenants in M&A Transactions
Negotiation of a Share Purchase Agreement
Neighbour Disputes - How to Avoid, How to Resolve Webinar On Demand
New Build Conveyancing Nightmares – 2019 Update Webinar (Pre-Order)
New Code for Completion by Post - What now for conveyancers? Webinar (On-Demand)
Newly Qualified and Trainee Survival Guide: Family Law Webinar (On-Demand)
Notice to Complete – 2019 Update Webinar (Pre-Order)
Operation Errors, Defective Products and Private Treatment - On-Demand Webinar
Options for the Funding of Litigation Webinar (On-Demand)
Options, Pre-emption Agreements and Overage Webinar (On-Demand)
Overview of Digital and Social Media Law
Parental Alienation Webinar (Pre-Order)
Part 36: Developments in general civil litigation in 2018 - Webinar (On-demand)
Part 36: Developments in personal injury law in 2018 - Webinar (On-demand)
Partnership and Property Law Webinar (On-demand)
Payment Terms Legislation - Transparency Regulations and More Webinar (On-demand)
Pensions in Corporate Transactions: A Practical Workshop
Pensions on Divorce
People with Significant Control Register: An update Webinar (On-Demand)
Performance Management and Capability Procedures: Making Them Work
Performance Management in Legal Practice
Personal Injury Update 2019
Personal Insolvency Overview Webinar (On-Demand)
Plain English Webinar (On-Demand)
Planning for Family Owned Businesses - On-Demand Webinar
Planning Law Update 2018 Webinar (On-Demand)
Police Stop and Search Webinar (On-Demand)
Policing and Crime Act 2017 Webinar (On-Demand)
Possession of Private Residential Premises
Post Completion - Just Admin or a Potential Negligence Claim? Webinar (On-demand)
Post Death Variations Webinar (On-Demand)
Practical Probate: The Works (6 hours)
Predictive Coding and Artificial Intelligence in Civil Litigation - Webinar (On-demand)
Preparing and Challenging Schedules of Loss Webinar (On-Demand)
Preparing For and Conducting Negotiations
Preparing for Mediation Webinar (On-Demand)
Preparing for Partnership
Presenting Applications to the Court: Part One Webinar (On-Demand)
Presenting Applications to the Court: Part Two Webinar (On-Demand)
Private Child Law Update
Private Client Conversion Course
Privilege and Without Prejudice Update 2019 Webinar (Pre-Order)
Proceeds of Crime: The Criminal Finances Act 2017
Producing Estate Accounts Made Simple: A Workshop
Producing Trust Accounts Made Simple: A Workshop
Product Liability in 2018 - Webinar (On-demand)
Professional Conduct for Litigators Webinar (On-Demand)
Professional Negligence Update (5 hours)
Professional Privilege and Without Prejudice Privilege: A Practical Guide
Project Management for Transactional Lawyers
Proofreading for Lawyers Webinar (On-Demand)
Property Development Contracts: Advanced Issues
Property Development: Practical Problems
Property Joint Ventures Webinar (On-Demand)
Property Law: An Advanced Course for Local Authority Lawyers
Property Law: An Introduction for Local Authority Lawyers
Proprietary Estoppel - Where Are We Now? Webinar (On-Demand)
Prosecuting and Defending Domestic Abuse
Protecting the Supplier in B2B Contracts Webinar (On-demand)
Public Child Law Update
Public Procurement and Brexit: Implications and Actions
Publishing Law: An Introduction Webinar (On-demand)
Ready for Sale? Streamlining Commercial Property Transactions Webinar (On-Demand)
Recent Developments in the Law of Tort - Webinar (On-demand)
Recording Time Webinar (On-Demand)
Recovering the Unrecoverable Debts Webinar (On-Demand)
Refugee Family Reunion Applications Webinar (On-Demand)
Regulation of Healthcare Professionals Conference 2019
Regulatory Law in the Healthcare Professions
Removal of Executors and Trustees Webinar (On-Demand)
Rent Deposits - Negotiating and Drafting Issues Webinar (On-Demand)
Rent Review: Procedures and Practical Issues (Web Course)
Repair Obligations and Lease Negotiation Webinar (On-demand)
Residential Landlord and Tenant Law: An Update
Residential Leasehold and Consultation - Webinar (On-demand)
Residential Leasehold: An Introduction
Residential Leases: Issues on Sale and Purchase
Residential Lettings: Law, Practice and Avoiding the Pitfalls
Residential Mortgages: Tricky Issues in Law and Practice
Residential Property: An Intensive Introduction for Qualified Practitioners
Residential Tenants’ Rights of First Refusal
Retail Leases: What You Need to Know
Review Sites and Other Online Tools: Should Your Firm Embrace Them? Webinar (On-Demand)
Risk Free Dealing With Third Parties and Sub-Contractors - On-Demand Webinar
Sales and Purchases of Part: Freeholds and Leaseholds (3 hours)
Sanctions under the CPR - 2018 Update Webinar (On-demand)
SDLT and Shared Ownership Webinar (Pre-Order)
SDLT for Commercial Property Lawyers (including Commercial Leases)
SDLT Walkthrough and Workshop for Residential Property Lawyers
Section 106 Agreements Webinar (On-demand)
Security for Payment of Rent - Rent Deposit, Guarantor, or Both? Webinar (On-Demand)
Service Charges and the new Code Webinar (Pre-Order)
Service Charges in Commercial Leases Webinar (On-demand)
Service Proceedings in Scotland, NI or Outside the Jurisdiction Webinar - On Demand
SET DV Domestic Violence Settlement Applications Webinar (On-Demand)
Setting Aside Judgment Webinar (On-demand)
Setting Up in Practice Webinar (On-demand)
Sexual Harassment in The Workplace Webinar (On-Demand)
Shared Ownership and Help to Buy: Acting for the Purchaser
Short Term and Undocumented Occupation: A Toolkit
Signature Verification Webinar (On-Demand)
Small Business Sales: What the Textbooks Don't Tell You (6 hours)
SMCR Extended regime webinar (On-Demand)
Social Housing Law Update 2019
Social Media and Employment Law - Webinar On Demand
Social Media: Intellectual Property, Advertising and Consumer Rights
Software as a Service Contracts Webinar (On-Demand)
Software Contracts: Buyers' Rights and Suppliers' Obligations
Solving TUPE Problems in 2019
Spinal Injuries & Cauda Equina Claims Webinar (On-Demand)
SRA Accounts Rules Update Webinar (Pre-Order)
SRA Accounts Rules: Achieving Compliance
SRA Handbook: Are You Ready for the Changes?
SRA Reforms For In-House Solicitors Webinar - On Demand
Standard Civil Contract: Mental Health Specifications 2018 Explained Webinar (On-Demand)
Standard Conditions of Sale: A Refresher
Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy and Winding Up Petitions Webinar (On-demand)
Statutory Wills from Start to Finish
Strategic Tools for Law Firm Growth
Stress, Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace Update Webinar (On-Demand)
Succession Planning in One Hour: The Key Points Webinar (On-Demand)
Supervision: Essential Skills for Lawyers
Tackling Tricky Issues in Commercial Leases
Tax Doesn't Have to be Taxing: A Masterclass
Tax in M&A and Business Sales: What You Need to Know
Terminating Residential Tenancies for Vacant Possession Webinar (On-Demand)
The Annual General Meeting and Other Shareholder Meetings Webinar (On-Demand)
The Bribery Act 2010 - A Refresher and Update - On-Demand Webinar
The Claims Portal: An Introduction Webinar (On-Demand)
The Court's Approach to a Detailed Assessment of Costs Webinar (On-demand)
The Disclosure Pilot in the Business and Property Court - Webinar (On-demand)
The Duty of Candour
The Employment Contract: Breaches and Remedies
The Enforcement of Money Judgments Webinar (On-Demand)
The FCA and Consumer Credit: An Introduction
The Five Essentials for Workable Break Options - On-Demand Webinar
The Lenders' Handbook and Mortgage Instructions
The Lifecycle of the Modern Commercial Lease (Web Course)
The Older Client: A Masterclass
The Online Court: What you need to know Webinar (On-demand)
The Rise of the Anonymous Defendant Webinar - On Demand
The Role and Duties of the Charity Trustee
The Senior Courts Costs Office Guide 2018 Webinar - On Demand
The Successful In-house Lawyer
The Successful Leader and Manager of an In-house Legal Team
The Ultimate Drafting Checklist - For the Purchaser
The Ultimate Drafting Checklist - For the Supplier
Time Recording: Make Every Minute Count (E-learning Course)
Transparency Rules: Update Webinar (On-Demand)
Tricky Problems in Professional Negligence
Trust Law Update Webinar (On-Demand)
Turnover Rents: How they work, and when they work best Webinar (On-demand)
Two-day Law Firm Management Masterclass
Understanding and Interpreting Company Accounts
Undue Influence and the Older Client Webinar (On Demand)
Unfair Dismissal: A Practical Overview
Unfair Dismissal: A Practical Overview (Web Course)
Unknown Defendants, Oral Contracts and Fraudulent Judgments Webinar (On-Demand)
Upskirting and Stalking Protection Orders Webinar (On Demand)
Using Pensions to Help Fund Divorce Webinar (On-Demand)
Using the City of London Law Society Digital Infrastructure Wayleave Agreement Webinar (On-Demand)
Variation and Capitalisation Webinar (On-Demand)
Wardship and Inherent Jurisdiction in Children Law Webinar (On-Demand)
Wasted Costs Orders and Jurisdiction of the Civil Courts Webinar (On-demand)
Wellbeing for Lawyers (E-learning Course)
What is Affordable Housing? Webinar (On-Demand)
What Now for Conveyancers After the Dreamvar Appeal? Webinar (On-demand)
What's in a Commercial Lease? - Definitions, Interpretation and Boilerplate Webinar (On-Demand)
Which Law Applies? Webinar (On-Demand)
Whistlestop Wills - On-Demand Webinar
Will Drafting Masterclass
Will Planning for Modern Families Webinar (On-Demand)
Wills and Probate Update 2019
Wills and Trusts for People with Learning Disabilities and Other Special Needs: On-demand Webinar
Working with Expert Witnesses Webinar (On-Demand)
Young People in the Criminal Justice System - The Sentencing Provisions Webinar (On-Demand)
Young People in the Criminal Justice System - From Arrest to Sentence Webinar (On-Demand)

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