Our members already receive up to 50% off their training – but why stop there? Members can receive packages from £37.50/hour!

Contact our dedicated account management team today to arrange your training package at CPD_packages@clt.co.uk.

Here's how much you could save:


+ Package



1 hour webinar




3 hour course




5 hour course




6 hour course




6 hour masterclass




6 hour conference




Direct Debit Payment


Training Tracker


Compliance Suite


Account Manager


Reduced Admin


Monthly Usage Statements


Package customers get a further 5% discount on on-site, course notes and our e-learning products.

Speak to our packages team today and we can arrange a training package that suits your needs. You’re not tied down to attend fixed events or committed to unrealistic training you don’t need!

We simply tailor a package that suits your training, giving you peace of mind and excellent value for money. Your package will be created with you in mind. Allowing you to choose from our broad range of courses and webinars in a time frame that suits you.



*Usual price - some courses are occasionally cheaper.
*Minimum spend and package hours apply.

Existing client packages please contact:
Rocio Cortinas-Maguire
E: rocio.maguire@clt.co.uk
P: +44 (0)207 566 8235

New client packages please contact:
Paul Sweeney
E: paul.sweeney@clt.co.uk
P: +44 (0)20 7549 8630

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