With CLT’s finance plan, you and your firm can benefit from interest free finance for all your legal training needs from the UK’s most trusted provider.

Sounds too good to be true? We guarantee there are no catches.

It’s innovative, exclusive to CLT, and we feel it’s one of the largest benefits we offer our members. We understand the importance of using a high quality and trusted specialist training provider whilst managing your cash flow.

Our interest free finance plan allows you to purchase ANY training from CLT over the duration of your annual membership and spread the cost of each booking over 12 monthly equal instalments.

Why use CLT’s Finance Plan?

We think the question is, why wouldn’t you?

Purchase ANY of CLT’s training and spread your payments over 12 months. Applicable to courses, conferences, online, Accreditation courses and Bespoke training.

  • Absolutely NO INTEREST to pay
  • Simple to set up
  • No set up charge, hidden fees or administration charges. We promise there are no catches.

How does it work?

Our interest free finance plan is available to ALL members only. Simply tell us you wish to start using your finance plan facility when you contact us to make your next booking.

It is simple to set up, your membership account will be updated to reflect your new facility and you will receive a direct debit form to complete

Each new booking made moving forwards can be added to the finance plan in order to spread payments over 12 months from the point of purchase. We will check each time a booking is made whether you wish to add to your plan or pay in full.

What are you waiting for?

Call +44 (0)121 362 7705 or email us at directdebit@clt.co.uk and request a call back to ensure you complete your CPD requirements with your membership training discount of up to 50% and pay over 12 months. We are the ONLY specialist legal training provider to offer this facility, ensure your firm takes advantage today of this CLT membership benefit.

Not a CLT member yet?


CLT Finance Plan terms of use

  • Only available with Direct Debit
  • Available to UK firms and companies only
  • To benefit from the interest free Finance Plan you must hold CLT Firm or Individual membership throughout the duration of your plan, until final payment or the plan ceases. You will receive notifications as usual regarding your annual membership renewal, with the membership fee conveniently paid by direct debit in equal monthly instalments
  • You will be given the direct debit instruction at the time of booking which needs to be returned within 14 days, if the form is not received within the specified time the full balance will be due immediately.
  • Future training bookings can be applied to the Finance Plan, or alternatively paid in full.
  • If you have opted to pay by direct debit and therefore agree to pay instalments as set out in your payment plan on the agreed dates. You are contractually obliged to pay for the minimum period and any default of an instalment will result will the full balance of the minimum period being due immediately.
  • In the case of any payment default, the outstanding amount is payable immediately in full. This balance repayable will be liable to costs and interest as per the Late Payment Legislation 1998.
  • Each training purchase can be financed over a period of up to 12 months in equal instalments
  • Your outstanding balance can be paid in full at any time
  • Confirmation of each new booking you wish to be added to the Finance Plan will be sent in writing after each booking
  • We reserve the right to refuse the Finance Plan facility, or further credit, subject to credit status, account balance or withdraw the facility at any time
  • No other future bookings can be added or accepted under the Finance Plan until the Direct Debit form is completed and returned
  • We reserve the right to impose a credit limit to your account
  • All CLT training products with the exception of certified training apply to the Finance Plan

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