Completing this course will enable you to:
  • Understand how sexual harassment is defined
  • Reflect on your own perspective on and behaviour in relation to this area… and modify it if necessary
  • Develop a range of strategies to respond if you are on the receiving end of sexual harassment (whether in the moment or after the event)
  • Take appropriate action if you have witnessed sexual harassment happening to someone else
  • Use your influence to make a positive impact on awareness and behavioural norms in this area, to challenge prejudices and to role-model best practice.
  • Preconceptions: reflection on your existing attitudes towards sexual harassment and those of colleagues
  • Definitions: legal definition of sexual harassment and how it differs from other types of harassment and discrimination
  • Case studies: introduction of scenarios to illustrate how this may all play out in practice from multiple perspectives
  • Aggravating factors: how power, pressure, alcohol, digital media etc can increase the risk of sexual harassment taking place
  • Responding in the moment: tips on how to deliver your message calmly and clearly
  • Responding after the event: rundown of the full range of options, ranging from a quiet word with a colleague through a formal HR grievance to an employment tribunal, and everything in between
  • Bystanders: the crucial role bystanders should play in challenging tolerance of unacceptable behaviour
  • Influencers: how we can all use our influence in different ways to effect positive change
  • Conclusions: where do you stand and what action will you now take?
Note: This course is focused on the individual and what they can do to play their part in addressing sexual harassment in the workplace. It does not cover the organisational perspective or the policies/procedures that a firm should have in place. 
Rosamonde Quincey

Rosamonde Quincey

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