Key learning outcomes

  • Understand what amounts to residential property for SDLT purposes
  • Appreciate the importance of early investigation of the SDLT situation and early advice to clients
  • Know how to deal with problems areas, e.g. evasive clients, tax avoidance and linked transactions

This course takes you through SDLT and the key problem areas, and issues to consider, including:

  • What amounts to residential property for SDLT purposes, and the questions you should ask of clients
  • What the ‘deal’ is, and when transactions might be linked
  • The ‘connected parties’ conundrum
  • What you should do if you suspect the client is being evasive
  • Tax planning and better structuring of the deal
  • Whether SDLT avoidance schemes are dead; other tax planning possibilities
  • Company purchases of residential dwellings: the additional rate, the 15% higher threshold, and tax reliefs
  • Multiple dwellings relief: when it applies; how to calculate it; and when it might be reclaimed
  • The additional rate: single purchases, multiple purchases – and what amounts to a main residence
  • The global reach of SDLT with the higher rate: how you can be certain it doesn’t apply
  • Remembering the annual tax on enveloped dwellings
  • Common problems
David Hannah

David Hannah

Details and courses

Superb - managed to make a dry subject very interesting and even humorous. 

Very knowledgeable and engaging.

Excellent workshop

Hannah's in depth knowledge is presented in an undertandable and accessible way - would highly recommemd!

One of the best courses I have attended.

Very useful and presented very well.

Course presentation was fantastic.

Very entertaining for such a difficult subject. Very informative and eye opening.

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