This webinar deals with:
  1. Business Structures The different forms of business structure available for commercial businesses in the UK, their key characteristics, how they are formed, and how they operate, including: * Sole traders * Partnerships * Limited companies * Limited liability partnerships
  2. The limited company Review of the formation, constitution and internal structure of limited companies in relation to: * Public and private companies * Registration * Articles of association * Shareholders’ agreements Including an overview of the potential impact of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 in relation to company transparency (including the option to maintain statutory registers at Companies House).
  3. The limited company and its people A review of their roles, rights and liabilities and the difference between: * Shareholders * Directors (including new definition of shadow directors and proposed prohibition of corporate directors) * Employees * Third parties – agents, independent contractors and franchisees * “Persons having significant control”
  4. Company acquisition Review of the key differences between share sales and asset sales, including why the parties would choose one over the other and the key stages in an acquisition, including: * Heads of terms * Due diligence (including data rooms) * Disclosure * Sale and Purchase Agreement negotiation * Exchange * Completion * Post completion
Jackie Sheldon

Jackie Sheldon

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