You will leave this course with a good understanding of:

  • The circumstances when emergency remedies are needed to safeguard children
  • What are Police Powers of Protection?
    • When should they be used?
    • What are the limits on these powers?
    • Are they actually an order?
    • What happens if they are used incorrectly?
    • Relevant case law
  • What is an Emergency Protection Order?
    • When should such an order be made and are there any limitations on the order?
    • Relevant case law
  • What is an Interim Care Order?
    • When should such an order be made?
    • What comes with an Interim Care Order: what obligations does it place on the applicant?
    • Relevant case law
  • What about section 20 Children Act 1989? A consideration of the case law around the use of voluntary accommodation
  • Police Powers of Protection vs. Emergency Protection Order vs. Interim Care Order – a comparison
  • How to challenge inappropriate use of emergency orders, including associated Human Rights Act claims.
    • How do these impact on the publicly-funded client?
Ian McArdle

Ian McArdle

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