By attending this course you will learn:

  • Basic criminal law principles including:
    • Acts and intentions
    • Offences and defences
    • The burdens of proof
    • The right to a fair trial
  • The rules governing admissibility and inadmissibility of evidence and the exceptions
  • How to weigh up probative value and prejudice
  • Disclosure under the CPIA and the duty to investigate lines of enquiry
  • Lost or destroyed evidence 
  • The rules surrounding the use of confessions, statements and inferences
  • Bad character evidence – what it is and when it can be used
  • Hearsay – what it is and when it can be used
  • How the courts will approach the evidence of a co-accused/accomplice
  • The rules surrounding identification evidence
  • How evidence can be excluded – ss 76 and 78 PACE and PACE breaches
Olwen Davies

Olwen Davies

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