Key learning outcomes

  • Understand what covenants are, and their enforcement
  • Appreciate the latest case law on covenants and practical implications
  • Familiarity with proposals for reform of the law on covenants

This course offers practical guidance and an update on the law relating to covenants, including:

  • A definition and explanation of what covenants are
  • Enforcement, and the court’s approach to it
  • The role of the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)
  • Whether you can protect overage using restrictive covenants
  • The effect of the covenantee’s death
  • Insurance
  • Potential law reform and the Law of Property Bill
  • Recent case law
Ian Quayle

Ian Quayle

Details and courses

Useful to get an update on covenants.

Detailed notes and knowledgeable tutor.

Really well presented and good updates on case law.

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