Key learning outcomes

  • Understand how to take client instructions
  • Familiarity with a registered title and other important documents
  • How to draft a contract of sale

This course covers the essential elements of the residential conveyancing process, including:

  • Where your work fits in with the conveyancing transaction
  • The importance of taking client instructions, and understanding vital preliminary matters
  • An overview of the entire conveyancing transaction
  • The purpose of the main forms you will come across in a conveyancing transaction
  • Consideration of a registered title
  • Drafting a sale contract
  • How to respond to search results on a purchase 
Lorraine Richardson

Lorraine Richardson

Details and courses

I would definitely recommend the course to everyone who needs to gain more knowledge about the conveyancing process.

The course presentation was amazing and friendly. 

Excellent course covering a vast majority of subjects within just a day. Really informative and given updates on things that you may have forgotten about.

Excellent trainer - didn't expect to learn so much!

Lorraine was very friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming. She made it fun and feel more than an intensive workshop.

Lorraine was very informative and extremely in depth. 

Really enjoyed the day, and felt that i will be taking a few tips back to work. Lorraine is an excellent presenter.

Learned more here today than in any workshop forming part of the LPC. Lorraine has made property fun and enjoyable!

Very informative and engaging. Brilliant presentation and course leader.

Very knowledgeable and throroughly entertaining - kept me interested throughout the course. Thanks.

Very well delivered course - Fabulous presentation by Lorraine Richardson

I have gained a vast amount of knowledge on the conveyancing course. Lorraine was an excellent trainer, which helped me to understand the contents of the course.

I feel I understand more in the tasks I do and understand why I do them.

I feel more confident with the process as a whole. I mainly focus on pre-completion, so it was good to gain an insight to the exchange and instructions.

Lorraine Richardson explained everything very clearly and was helpful with answering questions - Thank you!

I gained more confidence and better understanding of what I am doing. Lorraine was brilliant!

Great course. Lorraine was very friendly and funny. Really knowledgeable and interesting.

I feel I have gained more in-depth knowledge and enjoyed the course.

Lorraine was a great course leader and I will go away with better knowledge and understanding of conveyancing. She listened and connected with us all. Thank you.

Lorraine was incredibly informative.

Great in-depth knowledge of the conveyancing process from start to finish.

Great day. Lorraine was lovely!

Fantastic teaching method. Excellent delivery.

Very good all round. Conveyancing process explained well and reinforced why we do things.

I believe Lorraine Richardson made this course easier to work through. I felt relaxed and comfortable to ask questions. Would definitely recommend.

Really engaging course leader. Interactive sessions and useful content.

A fantastic day of insightful information and interactive learning.

Will certainly recommend the course, CLT and venue and hope to attend more courses in the future.

Engaging, practical and funny - A very useful course.

Very informative and gave me an understanding of the conveyancing procedure essentials as a member of support staff.

Lorraine is very pleasant, explained everything fully and answered our questions in detail so that we understood. Overall very informative.

Lorraine was very approachable and clear in her explanations. She made the subject more interesting through real life examples.

Lorraine was fantastic! She was very approachable and kept the day interesting by relating the theory to her practical knowledge and experiences.

Having worked in conveyancing for only 8 days, the course has been extremely enjoyable.

I really found the course very interesting and informative and I thought Lorraine was excellent.

Informative course, fantastic presenter.

Fantastic course! Great content - just want I needed! Lots of interesting tips. Lorraine was great - entertaining and very knowledgeable.

The workshop was very well delivered, presentation excellent.

The course was a very good overview of the whole conveyancing transaction.

I believe it has given me a better understanding of the transaction from both aspects; seller and buyer.

Lorraine was very thorough and put everyone at ease. She answered everyone's question in detail.

Lorraine was very helpful and I found the course valuable.

It was very worthwhile travelling from Somerset as Lorraine made the day with her very extensive knowledge.

Lorraine was very good and thorough; the course was good.

Went into more depth of why we do certain things and expanded knowledge.

Coure was very useful and well delivered.

Lorraine was an execllent trainer. Very bold and explained everything wonderfully!

Very useful to have the Land Registry forms explained in detail.

I found this course very helpful and it gave me a better understanding of conveyancing.

Engaging and interesting all-round explanation.

Comprehensive overview illustrated well what I need to do better.

it was brilliant and very helpful

Lorraine was excellent

Excellent tuition, very informative and interesting

Very impressed. Course content covered a lot more than I thought it would. Very impressed with the enquiries and search we went through. Investigation of the title we went through very well. I am very happy with how the information was presented, absorbed a lot.

Lorraine made the course informative and interesting.

Lorraine was brilliant and explained everything very well.

Absolutely brilliant teacher. Lorraine Richardson made the course ineresting and entertaining.

I would recommend to my colleagues.

Lorraine was so fantastic and a great teacher. Concise but easy to follow.

Brilliant day - So interesting. Amazing teacher; I learned so much and felt able to ask all the questions - Sort of reignited my love for the subject. Thank you so much!

Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Very thorough and I even joined in!

Lorraine was fantastic, cheerful and knowledgeable. Good course.

Lorraine delivered the training very well with a sense of humour which engaged us. Thank you.

Excellent course. Helped me to consolidate existing knowledge and pick up new knowledge and tips.

Really enjoyed the day. Interactive and engaging.

Practical and succinct content with excellent delivery.

Very informative and engaging seminar that provided a good overview of the conveyancing process and potential issues.

The course was very helpful and Lorraine was very clear and helpful.

The course offered reassurance that what we already practice is correct and also offered additional information that we will now adapt our day-to-day practice to include.

I would recommend Lorraine as a speaker, she made the course interesting and managed to get all important points covered clearly.

Lorraine is an excellent speaker, she thoroughly explained the issues at hand and made the day enjoyable and interesting.

I found the course very useful in my day-to-day work. Informative material and regular breaks very welcome!

A very thorough and professionally presented workshop.

Enjoyed the course. Very informative, interesting and well presented.

Great day - Learned a lot!

Lorraine was a brilliant speaker and kept the course very interesting.I would look to go on another course which she is teaching on.

Lorraine was very engaging and kept everyone interested throughout!

Lorraine was fantastic.

Lorraine was brilliant, presented really well and explained the stages of conveyancing progress with some great examples to make it more understandable, less jargon.

Lorraine was very informative - she filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge - very helpful!

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