Helen Swaffield

Helen Swaffield

Details and courses

Excellent presentation of a complex topic.

Great course - very beneficial. 

Very good course - enjoyed the workshop. 

Very useful for people drafting contracts not just litigators. 

Very helpful and well presented, very good technical content

Excellent course, interactive and not too much of a lecture

Fantastic course, I'd recommend to everyone

Really well presented, practical and detailed

Very informative and practical information to leave with and incorporate into everyday business use. Thank you once again

Very useful for all levels no matter where you are in your legal career and well delivered by Helen

Excellent session - extremely and instantly useful.

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Wed 1 Apr 2020 - 9:30AM London Members save up to 50% off training£510
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Course Notes - Contract Breach and Termination - Key Remedies for Litigators £120

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