• Understand legal and practical basics of commercial property conveyancing
  • Know the necessary searches, and standard conditions and enquiries
  • Identify the third parties involved in commercial transactions and their respective roles

This course covers the basics of commercial property conveyancing, and the key issues you will come across in practice, including:

  • Explaining the legal jargon
  • The big picture: understand the physical nature of the property, the role of other professionals involved, and the limitations of Land Registry plans and entries
  • Explaining the 'players' involved in a commercial property matter: who does what and why
  • Introduction to Basic Land Law
    • Freehold and leasehold estates
    • The role of the Land Registry
    • Head leases and sub-leases
    • Easements
    • Covenants
    • Mortgages
    • Title indemnity policies and their role
    • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) and the traps; client care considerations
  • A Brief Overview of Leasehold Law
    • Distinction between leases and licenses
    • Enforcement of leasehold covenants: when an assignee/sub-tenant is bound by them
    • Requirements under the Land Registration Act 2002
  • An Outline of Basic Conveyancing Procedures
    • Pre-contract searches and enquiries
    • The contract stage; completion
    • SDLT; registration at Land Registry
  • Sale and Purchase of Commercial Property
    • The procedure
    • Standard commercial property conditions
    • Standard corms of commercial property enquiries
    • Other searches and enquiries
    • Standard forms of reports on title
  • Planning and Other Statutory Requirements
Hannah Mackinlay

Hannah Mackinlay

Details and courses

Great course and some good practical examples. Very interactive and useful.

An informative course with very detailed notes and guidance.

Excellent course and materials.

Very good lecturer and course content was relevant and well presented. Good venue.

Great course, good detail and excellent practical examples.

Hannah is an excellent lecturer. She is so knowledgeable, delivers the course content in an interesting way, using practical examples and advising us on external guidance/tools. I really enjoyed the course.

A good course with practical examples.

The course today met my specific requirements as I wanted to refresh and re-confirm my knowledge and practical tips.

Excellent content, clear expertise of tutor with wealth of useful and interesting cases and facts.

Very informative overview of commercial property. Good examples of how the principles work in practice. Very knowledgeable presenter.

Hannah was very engaging and the course content was brilliant.

Really interactive tutor with plenty of real life examples and easy to follow.

Excellent course notes and practical examples made course enjoyable!

Hannah was very good in that she gave a lot of practical guidance.

CLT provides very comprehensive courses which are well structured and organised. Also a nice venue!

Hannah Mackinlay was very engaging in her presentation. More laughs than expected on a commercial conveyancing course!

Very clear and helpful - Raises important issues!

Two very interesting, helpful days. Covered all necessary areas and presented extremely well by Hannah Mackinlay.

The course was very well presented and content was extremely good.

Great practical application. Funny and memorable examples of pitfalls which I expect will spring to mind when back in my office drafting.

Great overview - really insightful

Good course for basic information and approach of very knowledgeable lecturer.

Very useful and clear.

Complex issues put into context making them easier to understand - perfect!

I attended both days and felt the content was extremely insightful. The speaker was engaging and clearly knew her materials. She was helpful and I would definitely atttend further courses taught by her.

It was hugely informative. Hannah is engaging and full of knowledge.

well prepared, explained, articulate, great scope and strong examples of theory to application

Extremely helpful and thought provoking

I always thought that this was an unfathomable area of law - Hannah dispelled this

presenter clearly knew the law in detail. very helpful

Very well presented, thorough knowledge of commercial property transactions

As a complete novice this gave me a great foundation to build on my knowledge. 

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