What you will learn:

Private Children Law:

  • Role of a Children’s Guardian – rule 16.4 of the FPR 2010 – when is appointment of a guardian appropriate? What does the guardian do?
  • Implacable Hostility – what is it? How is it addressed? What are the Court’s powers in these cases?
  • Section 37 of the Children Act 1989 – when is a report necessary? What are the Court’s powers?

Public Children Law:

  • Parallel planning for Local Authorities – why is it required and how do you explain it to a parent?
  • Designation of local authority


  • Instructing of experts in proceedings – an exploration of Part 25 of the FPR 2010 and section 13 of the Children & Families Act 2014
  • The practicalities of instructing an expert – what documents do I prepare? How is the Expert paid?
  • When can information be shared and to whom? When is the Court’s permission required and how do you go about getting permission?
  • Finding of Fact Hearings – when are they necessary? Are separate hearings required? Who is involved – the role of an Intervenor?
  • A party who may lack capacity to conduct litigation. What do you do legally and practically?
Ian McArdle

Ian McArdle

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